Thursday, December 31, 2009

Insiden Yang Boleh Mengundang Gelak Ketawa di Masjid

What kinds of things that could make you burst into a laugh when you are in the masjid?Well, I have one..and I thought I might as well share it with all of that you will get a great laugh and won't repeat it in the future.

I spent the past week in Atlanta attending Muktamar with some of my friends. Biasala..musafir kan,so we did solat jamak for most of the time. This incident happened when we were in Masjid Al-Farouq, a very big and beautiful mosque in Atlanta.

Pelaku: Yaya and Alot
Situation: I saw Alot was performing her first solat JAMAK(Zohor) when I was ready to pray (angkat takbir). Then, Alot (yang baru jek bagi salam) said something like this:

Alot: Eh Yaya. Ko nak solat kan? Asal tak pakai stoking?
Me: Ya Allah.Camne bleh lupe nih.Naseb baek ko cakap (walking to my handbag to grab my socks).


Me: Eh Alot. Ko bukan solat jamak ke? Solat jamak mana bleh ckp tgh2..kene sambung terus la.
Alot: Ya Allah..ko punye pasal la nih. Nak buat baek pon dah jd salah
Me: Hehe. Terpaksa ar ko solat balek. Jom solat ngan aku....
Alot: Patut aku senyapkan jek tadik..biar ko gelakkan diri snirik masa rukuk bila prasan kaki ko takde stoking.
Me: Salah ko snirik!

And so, Alot, the kind-hearted girl, had to re-perform her prayer altogether again.

Friday, December 18, 2009

How to Download Malay Series/Movies

Since I won't be able to upload anymore Malay series/movies, I thought I might as well share this information with you. Some people asked me how I get access to Malay series even though I'm not in Malaysia. A lot of people might have heard of torrent-it's nothing new, many people have been using it. But some of you might have never heard of 'JIWANG' site.

I downloaded all the series from that website, split each episode and upload them on Youtube. Everyone can start registering on JIWANG and download the series yourself without having to wait for someone to upload them. The quality of the video is generally good, but what you need are:

1. Torrent client- there're tons of torrent clients available on internet (for free). But, so far, JIWANG only recommends using 'utorrent'. You can google it and download the latest version recommended by JIWANG, which is, 'utorrent 1.8.1'

2. Registration email- You cannot use free email for registration (eg: Yahoo,Hotmail, etc). You need an email with specific domain (eg: domain university, company, website snirik, etc). To be frank, I'm not sure whether or not this rule still applies. You can try using free email first, but I doubt it'll work. I hope someone can confirm this.

3. Good internet connection- those who are studying overseas, I doubt you'll have this kind of problem. I mean, generally, your connection should be good. Those who have bad internet connection will have problem downloading the videos from the website. It might take forever just to complete a 45-minute-episode. With all the new technologies introduced nowadays, I'm pretty sure the problem isn't that bad anymore.Key word for this -PATIENCE.

4. Learn all the rules and basics about torrent- each torrent website has its own rules; so does JIWANG. If you are able to register and get access to the vids, please learn the rules there. Also, make sure you know the basic terms of using torrent. It's not that you'll be tested for this. It makes your life much easier if you know what you're doing.

The website is

Good luck, everyone. I hope this information will help you enjoying all the Malay series out there. Though someone will most probably upload your favorite series on Youtube, it's still not a bad idea to download it yourself and keep it as your collection.

Feel free to ask me about anything.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've Officially Retired

I'm officially retreating from 'underground jobs' on Youtube. Haha.

I should have expected this soon. For the last couple months, some production houses have been tracking down Youtubers who violated their copyrights (including me). I've received 2 warnings and I was informed that once I got the third warning, my account will be suspended. Nothing much happened after that until I watched some clips from 'Family Outing' with Zack last night. I tried to log in into my account but an error message occured. Guess what? 'Your account has been suspended due to copyright violation'. I've decided to stop uploading the vids if my account were suspended. Now is the time to retire. I feel bad though for my subscribers, especially for those who have been diligently following 'Rahsia Hati'. The scheduled episodes are 40 and I already uploaded up to 32 (I guess). I hope someone will continue uploading the series for them.

~Officially bidding good bye to Youtube~

Thanks all for the comments (though I hate reading some rude comments. Some people really need to learn how to properly voice out their opinions)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Done with Presentations

Yehaaa...Done with both BIOTC 489 and 416 presentations..and Chinese test as well (though the essay part killed me). Forgot some characters..tulis pinyin, bleh?Hehe. i should have studied the previous tests better. need to look at the past, take it as a lifelong lesson. That's one of my principles. I've hold and will hold to it even in the future.

I should get started with BIOTC 489. Everyone took the test this evening, but I asked the instructor, Bea, to let me take it tomorrow since I had Chinese test today. Semangat stadi...datanglah..

Oh, by the way. My mom called me this morning to wake me up(yeee,jrg nye nak bangun dgn alarm snirik..kene org kejut jugak).she said that our house was also struck by flood! She woke up at 4 in the morning and found out that the water already came into the house. Nak wat apa lagik, terpaksa la alih karpet. Iwa jadik assistant sbb die cuti..ekekke. Oh, I miss those days when me, my brother and my elder sister when to 'hunt' for fish everytime flood struck our housing area. We had this big drain near our house in which the fish will swim to after they escaped from some small streams nearby.nak tangkap ikan puyu lagik!

OK...back to study modeeeeeee (walopon tak rela)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Transforming Into Snow White

This is how it's called in chinese - 白雪公主

I got a chance to be Snow White in my recent skit for my Chinese class. It's a lot of fun. We're a group of 4-me, Andy, Erin and Luke. We were instructed to choose a famous story and put a twist on it. And guess what?We didn't just put a little twist, we almost change the whole storyline-except for me being the prettiest girl in the world (hahahah) and I was poisoned by a chocolate prepared by a witch(no more apple, ye).

I specially borrowed Zack's camera and brought it to the class to record my skit. But my laoshi did something better. She also brought a camera with the tripod to tape our performances. It's been a great day for the whole class. Two groups were doing Snow White (including us), but we definitely had different stories. The other group did Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Everyone was so cute and supportive. Can't wait to see the other 2 groups on Monday.

Even though I had to fall asleep for the second half of the skit, at least I didn't have to memorize any lines.Haha.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

They Cracked Me Up!

First and foremost, this is the vocabulary of the day

Thomas Edison-an American scientist who invented light bulb
Edison Chen-a famous Hong Kong male artist
Nicholas Tse- abang aku..haha. Also, a famous HK artist

I was talking to Tini in her house after Tajwid class yesterday evening:

Me: Aku cam tak caye jek Nicholas tuh huge crush aku ms skolah menengah. Sampai skarang pon minat die lagik. Biase kalo aku tgk cite apa2, kejap jek aku minat pelakon cite tuh.
Tini: A'ah.Aku pon..macam aku minat Thomas Edison. Kejap jek minatnye.
Me: (Diam tak terkata) then I burst out into laughter
Tini: Chen kan patutnye
Me: (Tanpa sedar, dah gelak guling-guling, rolling-rolling sampai living room)

At night, in my room..

After I told Zawa about the incident, we laughed about it together. So, I decided to tell Nisa, too when she came to my room. Well, since I'm a very good person at heart,I started with this question: (In case Nisa didn't recall who Thomas Edison is, I was meant to tell her)

Me: Nisa, ko kenal Thomas Edison tak?
Nisa: Oh..bukan pelakon cina tuh ke?
Me: (Almost died from laughing)
Nisa: Eh..bukan ke? Ohh...pelakon 'Twillight' tuh ek?
Me: (Pengsan for the second time)
Me: Cukup la ko cakap Thomas Edison tuh plakon cina, asal nk tambah die pelakon Twillight laks..hahahaha

Thanks to Nisa and Tini that I had a very good laugh yesterday. haha.

Character Chart

Thomas Edison

Edison Chen

Credits to :

You're Beautiful/ A.N.JELL DJ. DOC Parody

This video was so much fun. By the way, this is my current drama obsession- You're Beautiful (besides 'Smile, You'). I've always enjoyed the excitement of waiting patiently(impatiently, actually) every week to watch new episode. It's been quite a long time since BOF. It's a work from the very infamaous Hong Sisters (writers of Sassy Girl Chun Hyang, My Girl, Fantasy Couple and Hong Gil Dong). Please looking forward for more updates of this drama in the future :).

Jang Geun Seuk as Hwang Tae Kyung
Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam/Go Mi Nyu
Jung Yong Hwa as Kang Shin Woo
Lee Hong Ki as Kang On Yu or Jeremy

Side Note: JGS was so hype in the vid...unlike his character as Tae Kyung

Wiki link:
Credits to for the video

Side Note:
JGS was so hyper in the vid..unlike his charcter as Taekyung.Haha

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sticky Note

It's not that I don't realize it..but I just don't bother to look at it-my sticky note

I often stick my blue note on my laptop (konon kesedaran..jgn maen lptop lama2..sedar sket ade homwek)..Now, I've come to my senses. Even though I really want to deny it, it's a FACT that my blue sticky note is full of homeworks

BIOTC 416 - Presentation
BIOTC 489 - Presentation
Chinese - Oral and Cultural Presentation
BIOTC 479 - Quiz, Work Order, Executive Summary

Except for the BIOTC 479 assignments, the other are still far away (like yeeee). But, in a blink of eye, I'll find myself dwelling on my couch trying to finish up every assignment. Huh..I better start doing something today.....( But I really want to watch the latest episode of 'You're Beautiful'<---more about this later.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

I've Finally Found It!

Yeah..Glerr happy...I've finally found the vid that I've been searching for quite a while. It's the opening performance for Anugerah Planet Muzik 2004. Personally, I really like this performance.They might not be the best singers in these 3 participating countries (Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore). But the song selection and their easiness on the stage made me think that this performance was very special. The songs represent 3 nations and are still enjoyed by various generations.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Most Memorable Eid in 4 Years

Is it too late to talk about my last Eid Mubarak in the States? Hope it's not..

This year's celebration was clearly my best Eid in these 4 years..Bukan pasal baju raya la..i had less new Raya outfits compared to last year. But then this year's Eid fell on weekend...(yeah..cheers!!). Maksodnye? I don't have to celebrate my first day of Eid in the lab, having a pipet in one hand and a stock solution in the other hand.

Most of the seniors went to Washington D.C. on the first day, leaving a few people in State College (mostly because they had at least 3 exams coming up the next week, including me). Even though I was late for the Eid prayer, I still made it to the HUB lawn and joined the other Muslims..

We had a simple open house in College Park from noon to around 4 p.m. Guess where's my next stop then?BINGO..It's time for the 'celebration' in the library. Haha. I don't usually study in the library. But then I have to finish my Chinese assignment and sadly enough, my laptop cannot type chinese characters anymore after my bro reformatted it last summer..

For the first time, we made homemade nasi impit (me, Zawa and Nisa - 3 of the 6 seniors left..ehehe). One of my Chinese classmates, Dan, came over around 4 p.m. to the open house and luckily we still had some food left. Though I regretted that we didn't have time visit the other houses (Basyira, Kak Ifa and Kak Lia), it's still a memorable Eid celebration.

Next entry-gonna talk about my first Eid celebration in D.C. and reunion with Mak and Ju On.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Feel Most Frustrated When...

When you underestimate something because you are already used to it, and you thought you are going to remember it foreverrr..Does it ring a bell to you? Well, it does to me.

I had my nth Chinese quiz yesterday, and I was hoping that I could get a perfect score (after a few times of slipping up.It's a decent dream, right?). By the way,I prepared for the quiz the night before and I came across a few familiar characters, which I have known since my first Chinese course. So...I ignored them (not that I totally overlooked them, but I didn't practice writing them as much). I was assured that I remembered every stroke correctly ..

What happened then?Thanks to my confidence that I forgot writing one of the so-called familiar characters during my quiz yesterday. And what did it imply?Good bye to my perfect score, again. Waa..It's been a long time since I saw my laoshi wrote 'Henhao'. Hahaha.

Moral of the story?Never ever thought you know well about something, or else you will really end up remembering them for the rest of your life.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Center of Attraction

If someone asked you, what's the landmark of Pennstate?

First- the lion shrine
Second- Old Main

And how does it feel if you become the center of attraction at Old Main?

Double Triple 'Capub' aka cari publisiti la kan..hehehe

Ye..we spent our evening at the Old Main lawn to commemorate Malaysia's Independence Day (which was about 2 weeks ago). it's more than 'capub' actually, because we did something that's worth a praise, something that we can be proud of. Even though not all Malaysians were there, but we still get a good number of attendees. What we did then?

We took pictures in front of Old Main, proudly holding a Malaysian flag..and also sang 'Negaraku' and 'Jalur gemilang'. Since we had a football match today, it's expected to see more parents walking around the campus. And of them was actually very interested in our get the extend that she took a picture of us singing Negaraku. Cool kan?

After the shoot, we headed off to Thomas Building for solat Asar and a movie show-Hati Malaya 1957. I left halfway through the movie and went back home with Zawa(sbb craving nak makan subway..ehehe). nevertheless, it's a wonderful and memorable evening. To be honest, this was my first real merdeka celebration at penn state. and I'm glad that I get the chance to do that before leaving for good....

p/s: Azreen actually recorded a video when we were singing Jalur Gemilang. i wish to get the vid from her and upload it on Youtube.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Zack Jahat!

Zack Imran ke?No no no..This was about my roomate, Zack-chan. Well, I was back at State College since last Tuesday..(or was it Wednesday). Never mind. I messed up with dates. It's one of the most serious symptoms of jetlag, besides having too much sleep.

The moment I stepped into my room, I was startled to see a cat snuggling right besides Ahmong(my teddy bear) and on my very own bed (Did I ever mention that I'm scared of cat..yes, I actually am..It would take another two long paragraphs to explain how the phobia started). Well, she's not there when I left home 3 months ago..and now tadaaa...I got a cat in my house.

Zack told me that she bought the cat from an American woman who had to move out. Peyya kindly asked Zack if she really wanted to keep the cat since she knew that I'm an ailurophobia (they got a really nice name for cat-phobia-person). Since I only have 1 year left, I thought I might do well with the cat(even fine is actually plausible). Both Zawa and Zack are cat lovers, so the least I could do is not to scream when the cat approaches me. (Her name is Nala, btw)

That's how I made my resolution. In no time, I dare to get close to her. "Things could get better when you've made your mind".haha.

But then last evening, I went to Tini's room to meet her and a few more girls who just got off the plane. I told them that our room got a cat and she's Zack's. Guess what one of the girls told me? It's not Zack's CAT. It's Haziq's!!Haziq asked Zack to take care of his cat when he's out to travel. OMG..I was fooled by Zack for the last couple days..Siot Zack..nih musti sbb die tau aku takut kucing.Hahaha

The news broke out only after I made up my mind to be friend with Nala..banyak effort ok..haha..Zack was laughing when she knew that she's already kantoi..

Me: Aku dah redha tau Zack ko nak bela Nala..
Zack: Hah..nnt aku beli kucing baru utk aku snirik
Me: Takpe zack, aku dh tarik balik niat aku utk redha tuh...

Happy Ramadhan, everyone!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


3 months had passed.In no time, I'll be leaving Malaysia and continuing my study in the States.

Mixed feelings-sad to leave home yet excited to finish my final year.

My aims for the last two semesters in Pennstate?-No idea. I just wish to enjoy every moment, savor every memory, leave my mark everywhere, and cherish every person around me

After graduate?Still no idea. I'm thinking of working, but at the same time keep an idea of continuing my master degree. Another 2 options-local or also in the states. Different procedure,distinct pros and cons

Monday, July 13, 2009

So, this is how it feels...

Daju once told me how tiring it was to spend days doing practical training.I never got to experience it myself until I started my own practical training last week. I woke up and went to bed earlier than usual..and of course the most miraculous thing was- My precious time in front of my laptop had decreased dramatically.hahaha

I felt bad for my mom and uncle who had to send me off and pick me up from my work place..opss..forgot to mention that the company is called Kelantan Biotech Corp. It's a small company with only 10-11 workers located in Machang, about 45 minute from Pasir Mas..I feel glad though that I found this place to spend the final days of my summer break. All the people over there were nice and helped me a lot in adapting with the new environment. I was supposed to work in lab, doing tissue culture. Since the company's factory was just built last May, we were short of employees and thus I started with production. And don't be surprised that I already mastered about the company's products..heheh. We are doing on Virgin Coconut Oil or minyak kelapa dara..and from this oil, we developed new products including bath and facial soap, hair and body oil, massage oil, scrub and shampoo.

Not even a week after I started my training, the company granted me an opportunity to join an exhibition for small and medium entreprenuership in MidValley. Thanks to my 'thick face' and experiences in pennstate that I manage to help my company to attract potential dealers and agents. Even though it's very tiring, it's a wonderful experience since I got to meet a lot of nice people. For the first time I thought it would be very nice to have business cards so that I can expand my networking......

Plus, during my stay in KL, I got to meet Abe Yam, Along, Ada, Mamat and a few friends. Though the meeting was short, we talked a lot about our summer break. The chatting would go on and on for a few more days if I did not have to catch my train lol. The trip back to Kelantan was even funny. I was with my officemate, Ida, who had been a great friend and senior at work. After she got off at Kuala Krai's train station, I continued my beautiful nap..and the nap continued until I heard an announcement that the train would shortly arrive at Wakaf Bharu..and guess what?I just missed my stop!

A lot to write about work..but I'll continue writing next time:). Now I know how it feels to be working..and suddenly I miss my study days (macam la dh grad..heehhe). Thanks to Ida for letting me stay at her bro's house and get me familiarized with office...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

If I were the Ustazah...

Have you met the most honest person in the world? Well, kids can be pretty honest. Or it's safe to say they are the most straightforward creatures on earth. They express what they want and say what they saw. Haven't had any real life experience with honest kids? Here are some examples:

Mad Syah (my 5-year old little cousin) was in his kindergarten when Ustazah talked about 'pahala'. In that kindergarten, the first slot on Sundays and Mondays is for Islamic Education, while Iwa and I teach every Tuesday and Wednesday. We promised Mad Syah to bring him to his favorite gerai makan , called Mok Su Kedai Makan, that day. So, he's impatiently waiting for us to pick him up and had no will to study anymore.

Day 1 (Sunday)

Ustazah: Kalau kita mengaji Al-Quran, Allah bagi pahala.
Madsyah: Pahala?Mana pahala? (Nada memberontak sbb nsak sangat dah pegi kedai mok su)
Syabil (Another student): Pahala.. masuk dalam perut (sambil tunjuk perut dia)

Ustazah pon cume geleng kepala.

Day 2(Monday)

Ustazah still continued on pahala.

Ustazah: Pahala nih macam duit, boleh buat bekal dalam kubur esok-esok.
Madsyah: Dalam kubur mana ade kedai!

Ustazah geleng lagi...

Along said, if she were the ustazah, she would quit after the second day. Haha. But this ustazah is very persistent and patient. Dealing with small kids, she has 1001 ways to explain something to them. When one student asked, why don't we put the 'pengusung jenazah' in the grave, together with the dead body? I might go blank, but she funnily answered "Of course we can't do that. Someone wants to use it after this". If you were the ustazah, what will you answer then?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day with Kindergarten Children

I know that my younger sis, Iwa, has been one of the teachers in my aunt's kindergarten. Well, of course it's a temporary position since she's already got admitted to UiTm Dungun at the end of this month. And it's been a long time since she offered me to teach with her...Her reason was? Dah tak tau nak ajar apa and budak2 makin nakal...ekekek

So, I went to the kindergarten yesterday. My first impression was? Well, the kids were nice.They sat quietly at their own seats and patiently wait for the class to begin. Mad Syah, my lil naughty cousin,who's also a student in that class, also behaved well-which made me felt a bit uneasy and weird..But then my sis whispered to me, don't be fooled by their action. It's too early in the morning that they hadn't warmed up yet. Plus, some of them were still having the post-school break syndrom...So, I kept her advice on my mind..

Can you imagine how fast a kid can change? Not even 10 minutes after my sis's reminder, all the kids were everywhere! Some were trying to turn on the tv to watch their favorite "The Little Mermaid"..two of them started a small, fake fight by pretending to be contenders in a wrestling match. And Madsyah? huh...he started showing hie true colors..hahaha..students were yelling from every corner. "Teacher...Madsyah khenat (usik)!". He once kicked a lil girl's butt and throwing a piece of paper to the other friend-just the same naughtiness he showed at home.

But one thing for sure, all the kids were so cute.They called me and Iwa as teachers since we taught English. Some of them love to get attention from the teachers, so they would constantly ask questions and would sometimes kiss our cheeks. How cute kan.Some just silently sat at their seats and finished the worksheet in no time. All the kids were so lovely and cute. Too bad I'm not feeling well today and couldn't meet them..Feeling bad since I already promised them yesterday...

Hopefully, I'll get to see them again next week..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Mosquitoes" War

Well...I supposed to share about my weekend in KL, kan...this was what happened last week. I was going to KL with my sis. kononnye nak attend gathering Nubhan and Nubies club and also to meet some old friends that I knew on forum (twinkyyy...kikuu..waaa). Being so excited, we arrived at the bus station around 845 pm and the bus should arrive around 9 pm la kan...we found seats and chatted around with Mom's acquaintance (to be exact, he's my grandpa's nephew)..

From 9 pm...930 pm...still, the bus didn't come.Along then asked the clerk at the ticket counter and he said that all buses would be late that night since there was an accident at Bukit Tujuh.Apparently,it was a trailer crash that caused an extremely bad traffic around that area. The result was?Haa....bas tak sampai la. Even the morning bus(that should arrive around 6 pm) did even even disembark the passengers yet. Even worse? It's estimated the earliest time the bus would come was around 12 am.

So no point of waiting kan? Since we were all starving, we went to a nearby food stall to fill our stomach up. Then back to the station, there's still no sign of a bus coming..

Waiting a bus in the middle of night was surely a challenge. Nyamuk banyak seyhhh...We waited until 2 am before deciding to cancel the trip and go home since we won't be able to make it before the event..

And guess what's the first thing I did once I was home? Yeah..grab Shieldtox and sprayed around my room. Revenge la konon...

To all Nubies...sorry...takde rezki nak jumpe last gathering. To twinky and kiku..waaaaa..nak tgk Syurga Cinta...kene ar tunggu torrent cmnih..And forum, kirim salam akak Billabong mu tk dpt ku smpaikan kpd Nubhan....sob sob..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Congratz My Sis

Excuse my procastination, my dear sis..after almost a week since your graduation then I only blogged about it (not to mention using your laptop and your own pics without permission..eheheh)

Yup..we went to Shah Alam last Wednesday to attend my elder sister's commencement at Uitm Shah Alam. It's good to see my bro and his girlfriend (Kak to spell your name ek??). It's a very hot day..and I was stuck in the waiting hall for almost 4 hours with mom..thank God I brought my newly bought novel (just finished reading 'Heaven, Texas' and now was bored to death due to reading deprivation). Oo..rupernye camnih gaya graduation UiTM..If you came earlier, you could secure a spot in the same hall as the graduates..if not you could only watch the commencement on the provided wide screen in the waiting hall, right in front the main hall.

It's a unique experience since that was my first time witnessing a commencement of my family member(Please exclude my bro's UM's graduation. I did nothing but waiting outside the hall and buying him a bouquet of flowers..ehehe). I could see the big smiles on the graduates''s a really big day for them. Whether they had to ride a wheelchair or wearing a cast when receiving the certificates, I guessed it didn't matter anymore..They graduated already!

I wish my sis could come to my commencement as well..though it's still uncertain. I definitely want my mom to attend it. But my sis/bro have to use their own money. PTPTN still ade kn, long?Hehehe..And Abg Yam could easily purchase a flight ticket if he saved a little.(He said he was already trying so hard to save..but his money went directly to his lil sistersss...ehehhe)

And next week, I'll probably spend my weekend in KL again. Agenda? be story-story later laa...

P/S: Baju grad UiTM cunnnn...tambah cun kalo ade selendang yg dpt angerah chancellor tuh

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

When the Time Comes..

Story 1

My flight landed on KLIA airport approximately at 6.40 p.m last Wednesday. I immediately spotted my family members (Ma, Abe Yam, Along and Iwa) plus my bro's girlfriend after I left the arrival hall. Mamat was also there, waiting for Ada. We headed back to Kelantan with the last MAS flight at 10.50 p.m. It's good to be back..after 2 years. I unpacked my luggages and was disappointed to find out that most of my cups had broken (Aku bli a set of 8..tinggal 2 jek okk). Well, takde rezki nak wat cmne kan (That's what my mom said). We weren't sleepy at all, so we had a very late supper at 2.30 a.m. (Yes, my family is adapting to U.S. time, not the other way around..haha). When we're ready to sleep, my mom suddenly broke the silence..

Mom: Tau tak, Mok Jaghoh (My grandma on my father's side) dah mati?
Me: Ya Allah..bilo?
Mom: Senin arituh..
Me: Bakpo?
Mom: Keno bunuh..rumoh masok oghe cughi

I expected answers like "Sakit tua..or sakit lamo doh", but this was definitely out of question. I was shocked, surprised..after all, that was the very first news that I received after coming home. My mom said to wait until I had my food, calmly settled down before breaking out the bad news. Along (my elder sis) handed me in Harian Metro, which reported the death of arwah. My aunt's face was on the page, crying bitterly. Suddenly, I felt bitter too. Arwah that I knew was a strong woman, although she's already 84. She might have some hearing problems, but she's generally healthy. My aunt's family was still mourning, not to mention that they had to entertain the police's investigation almost everyday. Thanks God the investigation was almost over and the culprit was also arrested.

Story 2

I just met Far's mom to give her the package from Far when I received the second bad news. She mentioned that Far was already on her way to State College after spending a few days at Smoky mountain. I went upstairs to check my email and saw a message from Nisa with the subject 'bulan'. I had a few things on my mind.. was Nisa talking about Bulan, our freshman or is it a forwarded tazkirah about bulan-bulan Islam. I read her email a few times and couldn't believe it. She passed me a message that Bulan (our freshman) had passed away. I told myself that I can't receive 2 death news in a week. I immediately smsed her and asked for details. Arway tragically drown in a fall area in Smoky Mountain. I bet Far didn't tell her mom yet as the latter didn't mention anything to me. Far must be worried and sad, too...Although I'm not that close to arwah, he's still someone that I personally know. I was told that he's scheduled to fly back to Malaysia tomorrow (Thursday). I feel sorry for his family and all my Penn State friends, especially those who were in the same trip as him.

I told my mom, and she said "Bila dah tiba masanya.." Yes, when the time comes, there's nothing we could do. In both instances, nobody could have predicted that my late grandma and arwah Bulan were leaving us this way. There's no age restriction..That's one thing I learn. It's a theory that everyone knows, but most do not want to believe until it happens to people around them.

I pray for the success of my late grandma's case and hope that my family members' and Bulan's stay strong. I'll always remember them in my doa..insya-Allah. Al-Fatihah.

Monday, May 4, 2009

5 Things I Love About Spring


Atashinchi no Danshi

Black and White


Cain and Abel

Boys Over Flowers

Springgg..Yippiiii...What's so great about Spring this year??Let's check it out!

Rank 5
"Bunga-bunga matahari..yang berkembang" (Nyanyi ala-ala kumpulan Feminin gituu). Definitely one of the reasons why I like Spring. Flowers are everywhere.. lovely okkk

Rank 4
Aside from flowers..of course la the weather kan. Nice weather...sunny days (though it's raining these few days). But obviously much better than snow la kan..tak tahan kottt snow jek manjang. Not to mention that winter this year was much longer compared to the past couple years.

Rank 3
Great events and courses throughout Spring semester. Spring semester always had better events compared to Fall..either organized by MASA or other organizations. Malaysian Night this year was fantastic, fantabulous, awesome, boombastic, lost of words dah. International Spring Festival was not bad either. Last week, we had a presentation in HUB as a part of our Biotech class's requirement. Jadik maskot jagung arituh, bleh?Hehehe..too bad la..I wish someone snapped my pic wearing the 'corn mascot' thing..Classes were not too bad either. Since the classes were getting smaller (as we were focusing more on our major courses), we got to know more friends this semester. Of course my fav class would be Chinese. Great classmates with great learning experiences!

Rank 2
Spring has the best set of dramas everrrrr..tak tipu..siyess.mucchh better than the dramas line up for Winter and Fall. Be it Korean, Japanese or even Taiwan. Plus, AF, MI, and all kinds of awards were in Spring..tak caye ke??ekekkeke..even AJL pon tauu. To name a few la

Boys Over Flower (Min-ho and F3.. cuci mata okkkk)
Cain and Abel ( Oh Ji-sub kuu)
Brilliant Legacy
Queen of Housewives
Cinderella Man
The Slingshot (Ade Park-Ki Wong ngan Park Yong Ha)
The Accidental Couple

Atashinchi no Danshi (Kamane Jun pon comeyy)
Mr. Brain (Ada TakuYAYA Kimura)

Together (Jiro comey la plaks lam cite nih)
Black and White (This drama's getting good reviews from ppl and is said to be drifted from teh typical idol drama..really lookinf forward to watching it)

Akademi Fantasia (Hafiz..This kid really got talent)

banyak okkk...only BOF and Cain & Abel finished airing. In the midst of a short break because of the finals. Will be continued right after my last paper..hehehhe...gigih nihh

Credits to

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's not that difficult to be a bad friend

You don't have to steal your best friend's boyfriend to be labeled as a bad friend. Merely forgetting your friend's birthday already made you feel guilty.

Last Friday (April 10) was my best friend's birthday, Eli. We were in the same class since Standard 1 and became best buddy right after we started school. I sent her a birthday wish through YM but did nit specially wish her her in my blog. Sorry Eli.

Wish you a great year and tunggu aku balek weh...nnt kito pusing2 KB...nok gi TESCO..ekekeke..napok sangat jakun nih..

Muahxxxx...Nati aku bawok balek adiah ko mu deh.

These pics were old ones..taken when I went to visit her house during my summer break during Freshman year. Eli's wearing the light brown tudung

Friday, April 10, 2009

"Ghost" Is Back!!

Can't believe it! I was told by Tini and Daju (and confirmed by Utusan..ehehe) that my all-time-favorite series is back..yeah. I thought when Ghost ended last year, 8tv and the production house ( I believe it's Popiah Pictures) had no plan at all to make a sequel..if they made a sequel pon, how would they create the story since Zack Imran was already gone? But then I was so thrilledddd (yg digambarkan dgn banyaknye 'd' nih....ehehe) that Ghost is going to meet us again starting April's coming very soon lol. It's a new ghost (this time it's a female ghost, named Harum) and Zack Imran's character is still maintained (cheers...I just love his character). Can't wait for the series and I would try to upload it on my channel(if someone captured the series and put it on torrent).

Well..back to class...just finished my Micrb 410's and Chinese 110's tests..It's not the end, yet..haha. Actually, this was a huge surprise(to me and all my Chinese classmates). I was writing my last character when my laoshi said time's up..then I thought.."Oh God..this could be my worst Chinese test ever...I forgot a few characters from Chinese 1 and did not even have time to proofread my own translation and grammar parts...well...let it be la"...thennnn..jeng jeng jeng...My laoshi said " Monday we won't have quiz as scheduled because we're going to resume our test". Did I hear it correctly? I believed it is since she kept talking "Would another 20 minutes be enough next Monday?"...Oh's more than enough my dear Di Laoshi...A friend next to me even whispered "I just need 5 more minutes lol"..hahah

This was the first time she did this..I mean it's like a take home exam la kan...I immediately jotted down all the characters that I forgot..and guess what?I'm going to learn hard how to write them this weekend..hahahha...Thanks Di Laoshi. She must be feeling great because of the Easter..ehehhee

Spring BBQ is gonna take place this, we'll busy tomorrow marinating ayam and sate..nyum nyum....

credits to for the pic

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feeling Malas Gaban

Malas gaban...

Just finished watching the final episode of Boys Over Flowers (gonna miss all the F4 yg kacak..please wrap up Goo Jun Pyo nicely and send it to my apartment. My address is...kekekek)

I need to study..seriously...

But I'm wandering to 'unnecessary' websites..

I need to go downstairs and pick up my laundry that I left 5 hours ago (tkde org nk curi 5 jam)

Ok la..aku turun gi amek laundry

Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Malaysian Night Pics

Credits to Azri Azhar and Fawwaz

Awesome Night-Love you all

We totally rock our Malaysian Night this year. Full house beb with 300 over guests. This was the first time that we didn't have enough chair to seat everyone. I was so proud with all Malaysians, each of them has shown great commitment in making the last night's event a huge success. I was in-charge of the "Inai" aka Henna booth, but then I got tired of explaining the same things to the guests. Haha..I basically repeated the "stages in Adat Berinai" to them. They thought that our cultures are unique and they were merely impressed over simple mengkuang. Kagum laks diorang dgn mende alah tuh since they never found it here.

Then, I started wandering around..entertained the guests and ushered them to their seats. I guessed this suited me better. I love meeting of the reasons is..hehehe..I could use different greetings to welcome them. Well, even basic greeting can really make them feel saying "anyo haseyo" to korean, "ni hao" to Chinese guests and even "sawadikap" to the Thai guest. They asked me whether I really knew the language in which I said.."No la...only the basic-basic thing la"(takde la jawab gaya cenggini). Now, I can really see the advantages of watching dramas...hahahah

I had a great time last night, and I think everyone did enjoy the night. I asked a few American friends and they said they really loved all the performances. Of course they did since it's not something that they could find here.We also had MARA, MSD, JPA and Petronas officers coming. Thanks everyone for your hard work.It really paid off kan. It was a wonderful night with beautiful people around. Korang mmg cun ahhh!

Credits to Azri Azhar and Fawwaz for the pics

Sunday, March 22, 2009

For the first time..

For the first time, I felt so excited that I chose Biotechnology as my major. The reason is...? It may sound's really a lame reason.....I got excited over watching a telemovie. Lame la kan?

The story goes like this...I downloaded a Malay telemovie last week called "Ponti Anak Remaja" but never got chance to watch it until just now (pastuh tros blogging..gigihkan?). The story is very unrealistic..enough said..pasal pontianak yg menjelma jd manusia.Nonsense kan..but...The main essence of the drama is Biotechnology! The three leads were Biotech students in a so-called the best college in KL, MIT and they tried to modify the genetics of a flower (Bunga Mekar Harum Malam) so that bunga tuh got medical values in Biomedics....Karut kan?

But then...I really don't know why I got so excited over the fact that Biotech is the gateway of making a lot of great medicines. Serious..this is the first time I felt so glad studying Biotech..Inspiring, maybe? Now, cam dh dpt semangat nak grad and invent something that would be beneficial for the human kind.

I still have one year before graduation..a lot of things can be learned in this period...Blajar lagi..enjoy life at Penn State so that I won't have any regrets when I go back to Malaysia for good.

For those yg nk tgk cite tak logik tapi fun nih(at least that is what I think)..I already uploaded it on my youtube channel (wah..sempat promosi). I really love the script..sempoi and mmg teenagers' nye style..Congrats to the production team. Enjoy it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Spring Break is Over!!-Part 3

Malaysian Night Preparation

People started busy preparing for Malaysian Night. We spent our last weekend doing bunga telur and bunga manggar. Boo was so creative that she initiated doing bunga telur with napkins. tipu. Cam carnation gituuu. Biena was helping Boo a lot with the idea…and bli2 barang jugaks. So, we got the people gather and did both bunga telur and bunga manggar together. Though it’s very tiring and it’s hard to gather people, we had so much fun doing it. Ade hiburan lagi-nyanyi, pesta pantun,etc. Thanks for those who come…really appreciate your commitment. Only two more weeks before Malaysian Night…Let’s make it our night (bak kata Nana)

Alhamdulillah, there’s a lot of things to be thankful of. The fact that I’m still alive and got to do many things during the break was something that I should feel grateful. At this moment, we still have our family and friends, we got to live in a nice apartment and got to wear nice clothes. I want to build up this habit of saying my words of gratitude towards Allah every time He gives me His blessing. It may sound simple, but many people forget about it….Let’s make it our habit ye ;)

My Spring Break is Over!!-Part 2

Shopping at Atlantic City Outlet, New Jersey.

Ok…shopping. Sounds fun, tp duit pon ‘fun’ jugak la.Heheh. It was a long time ago when I had my last shopping (Black Friday 2007 kot). This was my first time ever shopping like crazy. I mean I used to shop for my family when I went to Malaysia during freshman year. But this was my first time buying lots of things for myself. Best rupernye shopping nih. Especially when you went crazy with all the discounts offered. I almost ‘rembat’ this one Coach tau. First time berkenann ngan Coach. But then I decided not to purchase. Macam too big for me. Takut org nmpk beg tuh dr aku. My travel-mates were Ada, Wanie, Egy and Biena.Thanks Ada and Wanie sbb tolong drive keter. We only spent 1 night and 2 days in Atlantic City. It’s a very nice, small town withbeautiful view of the beach. Ade Trump Plaza tau. At night, we lepak-lepak kat Hard Rock Café. We shopped for 2 days ok. Tak cukup masa. Rasa cam maen ‘Pintar Pintas’ laks. Joe Jambul pon boleh. And as usual, traveling and eating come in package. We found this one halal friend chicken restaurant. Best Ok..especially for us yg desperate gile for KFC. Then we had lunch at this one Chinese-Malaysian restaurant. At first, I was the one who’s craving for Air Batu Campur (ABC). Then , Ada and Wani found that there’s a Malaysian restaurant in Atalntic City. So, apa lagik. Rembat la. The owner was so nice and friendly. Tak tipu. She treated us with dessert walaupun tk order. The food was delicious(obviously, tgk pinggan pon tau). We’ll go there again next time,kalo ade rezki..insya-Allah.