Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Spring Break is Over!!-Part 2

Shopping at Atlantic City Outlet, New Jersey.

Ok…shopping. Sounds fun, tp duit pon ‘fun’ jugak la.Heheh. It was a long time ago when I had my last shopping (Black Friday 2007 kot). This was my first time ever shopping like crazy. I mean I used to shop for my family when I went to Malaysia during freshman year. But this was my first time buying lots of things for myself. Best rupernye shopping nih. Especially when you went crazy with all the discounts offered. I almost ‘rembat’ this one Coach tau. First time berkenann ngan Coach. But then I decided not to purchase. Macam too big for me. Takut org nmpk beg tuh dr aku. My travel-mates were Ada, Wanie, Egy and Biena.Thanks Ada and Wanie sbb tolong drive keter. We only spent 1 night and 2 days in Atlantic City. It’s a very nice, small town withbeautiful view of the beach. Ade Trump Plaza tau. At night, we lepak-lepak kat Hard Rock Café. We shopped for 2 days ok. Tak cukup masa. Rasa cam maen ‘Pintar Pintas’ laks. Joe Jambul pon boleh. And as usual, traveling and eating come in package. We found this one halal friend chicken restaurant. Best Ok..especially for us yg desperate gile for KFC. Then we had lunch at this one Chinese-Malaysian restaurant. At first, I was the one who’s craving for Air Batu Campur (ABC). Then , Ada and Wani found that there’s a Malaysian restaurant in Atalntic City. So, apa lagik. Rembat la. The owner was so nice and friendly. Tak tipu. She treated us with dessert walaupun tk order. The food was delicious(obviously, tgk pinggan pon tau). We’ll go there again next time,kalo ade rezki..insya-Allah.

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