Thursday, June 19, 2014

Redefining tranquility

Kadang-kadang kita hanya bersyukur bila dapat straight As dalam exam atau bila kita dapat kerja setelah berpuluh tempat pergi interview tapi asyik kena reject je. Kita lupa dengan perkara-perkara kecil yang berlaku dalam hidup kita sehari-hari.

 " Alhamdulillah, dapat lagi buka mata harini. Siap mimpi Germany menang lagi semalam"
 "Alhamdulillah, selamat sampai lab. tak pulak orang langgar belakang kereta aku tadi"
 "Alhamdulillah, kakak aku takde buat emergency call dr kampung. Maknanya semua org kat umah sihat walafiat la kot"

For those who're looking for the true meaning of tranquility, this song is prefect for you :) My all-time favorite nasyid. "Hakikat Bahagia" from UNIC.

 Bahagia itu dari dalam diri
 Kesannya zahir rupanya maknawi
 Terpendam bagai permata di dasar hati

 Bahagia itu ada pada hati
 Bertakhta di kerajaan diri
 Terbenam bagai mutiara di lautan nurani
 Bahagia itu ada di jiwa
 Mahkota di singgahsana rasa
 Bahagia itu adalah suatu ketenangan

 Bila susah tiada gelisah
 Bila miskin syukur pada Tuhan
 Bila sakit tiada resah di jiwa
 Bukankah Tuhan telah berfirman
 Ketahuilah dengan mengingati Allah
 Jiwa kan menjadi tenang

 C/O :
 Kebahagiaan itu suatu kesyukuran
 Bila kaya jadi insan pemurah
 Bila berkuasa amanah
 Bila berjaya tidak alpa
 Bila sihat tidak lupakan Tuhan
 Hakikatnya bahagia itu Adalah ketenangan
 Bila hati mengingati Tuhan
 Semua insan kan mengerti
 Maksud terseni Ilahi
 Itulah zikir yang hakiki


Friday, February 10, 2012

Bestnya dah habes presentation

Time surely flies. It’s about one year ago when I wrote my last entry on my first hiking experience at Broga Hill. Gila cepat kan masa berlalu. Exactly one year ago, I was having my own sweet moment, spending almost 8 hours in the office downloading movies and dramas. Tu masa jadi tutor. Rasa macam makan gaji buta pulaks. Exactly a year after, I’m spending time in the lab doing experiment. Still, I’m taking my own sweet time..but to watch my fungus and banana callus grows. Equally fun, in different ways. The good thing is I still can download movies and dramas in the lab .lol. once a downloaded always and remains a downloader. The past few days were quite hectic, preparing for journal club presentation while keeping up with lab works. The paper that I chose for this round was suggested by Farah (Thank roommieee). It’s a paper on diabetes, entitled ‘Engineering an L-cell line that expresses insulin under the control of the glucagon-like peptide-1 promoter for diabetes treatment’. My entire week was full of fancy words like L-cells, STC-1, GLP-1, islets of Langerhans and the list continues. While ‘insulin’ being my favorite word of the week and ‘diabetes’ becomes my nightmare, being able to sleep on my comfy small comforter is totallllyy my wish. Alhamdulillah, the presentation is now over, so I guess I won’t be haunted by those words anymore.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Hiking Experience

Pada satu senja Khamis yang indah:

Kak Gee: Korang nak gi mendaki bukit tak?
Hawa: Bukit?Kat mana?
Me: Bukit?Dengar citer, azam nak jogging dah 2 minggu. Tapi tak penah2 pun lagi pegi jogging.
Kak Gee: Kat Semenyih. Bukit Lalang. Jom Ahad ni!

Now I know that even a simple, casual conversation like above could lead to a spontaneous decision.

Jogging?Dah lama tak buat.6 bulan mungkin?Mendaki bukit?Kalo jogging pun tak pnah, takkan la mendaki bukit aku buat 3 minggu skali 20 minit ever session kan.

So, dengan slumber nye and without any expectation, Kak Gee, Hawa a.k.a. Mak and I headed to Semenyih with 3 others Kak Gee's friens-Nik, Daud and Fadzlie. Our plan was to get there by 5 a.m. or so, so that we could perform our Subuh prayer on the top of the hill. Tapi, kitorang sampai around 5.45, so dah lewat sikit.Let me tell you what I had on my mind the night before:

Bukit Lalang?-Tak tinggi sangat kot-Ntah2 mcm lam tv..ade jalan tar siap-Eleh.tak lah letih sangat camtuh-Mcm jalan kaki keliling tasik sri serdang je-Sure tak letih punyer la

Letih?That word surely crossed my mind at least 100 times throughout our way to the top of Bukit Lalang a.k.a. Bukit Broga. The path is not even the least that I had thought of.

1. Gedik nak mendaki. Tapi tak bawak torchlight. Jalan gileee gelap ala-ala kampung terpencil yg tak dapat bekalan api kerajaan
2. The path was sooo steep and they have a few alternative ways to get to the top. Each path will bring you the peak, only the difficulty level that matters.haha. At some point, you cannot even stand still and have to practically crawl down. Interesting kan?And at some place ade jurang yg agak dalam, so you've to be extra careful.
3. I'm only 22-turning-23 but I've stopped at least 5-6 times on my way up. And interesting enough, I've also seen at least 5-6 six-year-old kids overtook me..mendaki dengan penuh semangatnya that I have to say "Go Adik!Go Adik!" because I was soo amazed with their determination (and of course stamina)

It took me 1 hour to finally understand why people love hiking. Once you reach the top, no word can describe how you feel, especially when you look down to the path that you've taken to get to the top. Rasa accomplishment gilee ah. Kat atas dah ramai gile manusia and that makes me wonder "At what time that they exactly get up here?". We had a light breakfats, took pictures and looked around before we realized it's the same location that Dr. Sheikh Muszhaphar had his wedding photoshoot. And again, I wonder how did they climb up with all the wedding dress and camera?Kagum kagum.

Going down was much better, especially because it's already dah tak payah meraba2 dalam gelap. And best sebab kadang2 dpt slide sket2. On our way down, there're still a lot of people who just started going up. Only then I know that my first hiking experience was at a very famous hill. Even Sheikh Muszaphar pun dtg situ nak amek gambar kawen.

And breakfast at mapley concluded our first hiking experience.

Thrilling.Fun.Best. Definitely wanna go back again.

Nota kaki: Gile exaggerate,tapi rasa makin kurus lepas turun Bukit Broga.

Tahukah Anda?
Jarak perjalanan ke puncak Bukit Broga ialah 1.7 km
Nak tahu lagi?
Tepi Bukit Broga, ada satu gunung. Gunung Tok Wan yang jaraknya 4.8 km. Kalau dah rasa expert ngan Broga Hill, bleh la nk try route laen yg lagik jauh kannn

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

When your joy was killed

You know what happen when you suddenly did something you've never done before? Like when they tell you to update your Adobe software all the time but you never care to do so and finally on one sunnnyyy day, you just feel like clicking on the 'Update' button, and taddaa..a message appears that figuratively reads 'I wish I never click that button'.

I just got all over excited sharing my joy in downloading using IDM merely couple days ago and suddenly last night, I felt like clicking the 'Update' button when a box popped up saying 'You've been using fake serial number for this product. Please register your product'. You know when you happily using pirated software and one day, you just went blindly submissive that a one instant click killed your joy. My brother (who's responsible for installing that pirated IDM) sent me this right after I told him about this problem:

Abe Yam: HAha..padan muko..kena reinstall version lama balik la..gune free download manager la dulu

That 'HAha'is obviously not some kind of consolation, right?

Wondering what's the hidden message?

Never ever trust your reflex act? Not really. Most of the times, you'll need that.
Never ever download pirated software?Nope. Will keep doing that.
Don't be overjoyed by a simple fact like 'Wow! I can use my fast internet office to download Secret Garden' and on top of that, brag about it to your friend? Truly YES.

Friday, December 31, 2010

"Isteri cakap apa lepas menang?"

1. Kak Maziah went back to Melaka
2. Watched 'Secret Garden' until 2 in the morning

(Almost) missed my Subuh prayer

Ughh..I'm not setting any good example here, right?

Btw, I alwaysss went back to sleep after performing my Subuh prayer. But today I just got an instinct that maybe a few Malaysian footballers who just lifted up the AFF Suzuki Cup will appear on MHI or something (Ashari mungkin??hehehhe), so i decided not to enter my dreamland.

And they did appear!!! Safiq Rahim was on MHI, Safee Sali + Aidil ke Zaquan ek on SPM and last but not least Apex on Nasi Lemak Kopi O. But, there's no Ashari ~sigh~

Safiq wa ssooo shy on television..well, of course I do not know his usual self, but he never look up straight to the camera that the cameraman had to focus from the side. Just wanna share one Safiq's 'hahaha+awww' moment:

Fedtri (MHI): Isteri cakap apa lepas menang?
Safiq: Ha?Diri saya?
Fedtri: Tak..isteri cakap apa lepas menang?
Safiq: Ehhh...saya mana kawen lagi

LOL. It's sooo obvious that it's 'Dah kawen ke'-question-turn-into-'Isteri cakap apa lepas menang?'kannn. Now the whole Malaysia knows Safiq is still available, thanks to Fedtri. But, single is not necessarily available ye.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

When you have no other means to download dramas..

My office blocks the staffs from downloading files from megaupload and mediafire..and it's not something shocking since some companies even block the access to Youtube. So, these are tips for those who want to download any drama/clips/MV online, especially those who have no access whatsoever to major filesharing sites. I've been desperately cracking out my brain for the past few days to come out with the solution and works.

1. Download 'Internet Download Manager' (IDM)

I have both 'Free download manager' and IDM. but i guess IDM works better for me. Here's the link :

Completely install IDM until you receive the message that it's ready to be used!

2. Find any videos/clips that you sooo wanna download them.

On top right of the vid, you'll find the IDM symbol. Just click on it and it'll automatically download your vid. Well, it's no surprise that IDM works better with faster internet connection. And so much like FDM, you can have many simultaneous download at a time.

Note: The source of the vids can be from anywhere and it's not only restricted to Youtube.

Credits to my big bro, Abe Yam, who installed this amazing IDM in my laptop.Oh, forgot to mention. The default location of your files will be in My Documents->Downloads->Documents/Videos/Compressed/Program/Music

Happy downloading!

Monday, March 29, 2010

What's Wrong with My 'Cik Mek Molek'?

Well, the thing was I was trying to make one of my all-time-favorite kuih-cik mek molek. For those who do not know this kuih(I bet you know it, you may not recognize the name), it's made of sweet potato (keledek), flour and when you shape it, you have to put a little sugar in it.So that when you fry it, the sugar will melt inside the oval-shape cik mek molek and'll deliciously feel it's melting inside your mouth.

Yes, I did call my mom just to make sure my steps were right. i've been watching her making cik mek molek over the years (shame on me for screwing up one of my mom's best kuih). So, i started boiling the hot water, and the potatoes were cooked well ( I deemed they were, eventhough they're a bit..lembikk). the point was after making sure the keledek was completely mashed, I keep on adding in flour because the mashed keledek just won't harden! I tried shaping it, but i guess there's no use doing it because it's really not my day. I felt bad for the keledek for being the victim of my 'nothing-to-be-proud cooking skills'. So ended up adding a bit milk (condensed and evaporated), finely and nicely spread them in a baking pan (bowl?container?)and baked them. I had little hope left that at least it wouldn't turn out to be a disaster. Well, fortunately it's not. I took a bite of it, zack and zawa, too. Haha. Poor them. My keledek diversion supernew invention was still quietly sitting in my fridge. Looks like I have to wait for my mom to come and teach me how to make cik mek molek again.

Bonus: My cik mek molek would look like this (IF everything turned out fine)

credits to for the picture