Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Life

Boring tahap cipan nothing to do.laptop laptop eating laptop again sleeping sleeping eating again...our boredom reached the maximum level last we decided to watch movie at the cinema.ok...didn't really know the latest movies on, research punye reseacrh, i decided to watch The Strangers..alone.Yes,alone because all of them were going to watch Iron Man.Sigh.

Too bad that I was late for the 930 pm show.So, I joined Ada,Zawa,Mamat,Dele,Faiez and Jin to watch Iron Man.Iron Man pon Iron Man la..Expectedly, I was bored halfway.Boleh tido lagik during the climax scene.Adeih.Hopefuly I were not snoring.never asked them though.hehe.

Activity for today..Groceries Shopping.Yeah.We really have to shop.I mean Zawa and I were running out of food.We miss our Strawberry Awake.Amek ko.Sampai 4 kitorang rembat.Girls it's typical for guys to wait for us.Hehe.Sorry Zam,Dele and Faiez.They were so surprised to see how much food we bought.Why?Because we were not growing up though we ate lots of food.Adeih..terase.Haha.

Laundry..buang sampah..and then i realized that I did not buy the most important thing-tennis racket.Waa...My new summer resolution ni..Never mind.I would just borrow from the boys.

Me now?Back to bored state...Still fine.Only at the lowest level.But it's gradually climbing..~sigh again~.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Dramatic Day

Adios Kunod
We are going to miss you so much
Thanks for being our great senior and for taking care of us
I'll pray for your bright future.Insya-Allah

Kunod went back to Malaysia for good.Yes.Forever.We lost the only Biotech sad la.But we went through a very dramatic day tau to send off Kunod at the airport. It started when Faiez cannot start the engine of Mao's car. Ok.Chill.We still have Budin's car. Kunod took the car key from Zam...and she tried to start the engine...and she failed.What's wrong with all the eingines today ek?As if they did not want to let Kunod go.Wah..After a continous trials..and a few phone calls made to Dele, the car was finally mendengar.So stubborn la..aiyoh.
OK..move on..
then we went to pick up Faiez and Jin..da da da..sampai la airport.and the next chapter began...dan2 jek tkleh bukak bonet tuh nk amek cuak ok..Kunod had to check in by 145 pm and it was already 125 during that time.don;t know what's wrong with the car..we tried everything..every hand gave a try.who know one lucky hand could open the bonet(how to spell bonet eh?)..alhamdulillah, after struggling for almost 20 minutes...we managed to open it and take out Kunod's luggages..Kudos to those who were helping..esp Faiez, Jin and Mamat.Diorang dh smpai emo2 bagai.ehehe

The last scene was directed by Jin.Kunod was ready to check-in and go through the screening.but then she realized that her passport wasn;t with her.Dan2 kene cari and recall balek where was the last spot she put her passport.and guess what?Jin was hiding her passport all the time.So nakal la Jin nih.Kunod wasn;t mad she already knew her passport was with Jin.Hehehe

Went back..paid my house rent and the other 2 rooms(Sapeq's and Nisa's) da da da..the end of today's drama..

I'm Proud of You, Pennstaters!!

OMG..i'm getting darker!!How come eh?There's no reason for me not getting darker, given my recent routine these past few weeks. I just came back from Illinois where we, Pennstaters competing for overal champion in Midwest Games 2008.Yeahhhhh!!We got back our champion after we lost it to Wisconsin last year.The feeling was indescribable, especially when the MC announced us as the overall winner. Siyes tak sangka. We thought that the trophy would go to Vanderbilt University since they got got a few golds in team sports.Dear Pennstaters!Our mission is accomplished. Job well done guys!

ok.back to the main topic.Why am I getting darker?Ye training under the bright summer sun(which Americans love the most!), marching during opening ceremony(jd mascot tau), cheering and rooting for Pennstate team on the fields. This was my very 1st Midwest Games,but I will never forget it. Best gle.Everybody loves me tau jd maskot(wah..statement.ehehe).Even though my soccer team only got the 4th place(in a league of 4 teams competing..eheehe),we really enjoyed our games.In fact, we hope to get a better place next year(dan2 aku azam nk training soccer every week starting this fall).

One thing for sure that I would never forget from South Illinois, Carbondale was the tornado.It just happened that on our very last night there, right before the closing ceremony, we heard a loud siren for a long period. Since we never had tornado in State college before, we were very clueless about that. Luckily we got one student from Tulsa who had already experienced tornado at her place. Kunod who was already in the auditorium gave me a call and told us to just stay in the room. OMG..that time we really felt like we were in a movie. Everyone moved to basement to find the safest place we could possibly get. It started to rain..windy.Mmg movie abeh la..

Alhamdulillah,nothing happened and we safely arrived at the auditoriun for the prize giving ceremony.So nervous la that night..ngan tornado bagai..announcement of overall champion lagik..

On Monday moring, we went back to Pennstate..can't wait for next year's Midwest Games...walaupunn kaki dah sakitt nih.Hehe.

University of Illinois, Urbana we come!!MIDWEST GAMES 2009.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Picture Day!!'s picture day,guys!Kunod will be leaving us and going back to Malaysia soon.So sad laa...gonna miss Kunod after this~
Since Kunod had not taken any pictures at Lion Shrine since her commencement, today we joined Kunod in our PICTURE DAY!!As usual, Bad as photographer harapan.eheh.Since Haleem and I plan to send our pic to Mr Manager, he also joined us and became Bad's assistant.We took lots of pics at lion shrine and Hintz Alumni.Isk..meroyan ok amek gambar bebanyak.
After dah meroyan tuh, time to isi perot!Kunod was so nice:).She paid for our shakes at Baby's.1st time gi Baby's.The sweet potato fries and vanilla shake were so good.Best ok..
Then,we went to kill some time at Family Clothesline and went straight home.Full sangat until I felt like sleeping and doing nothing..huhuh

Lagu Tugasan AF6 Minggu Akhir (Week 10)

The song list is updated here

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Monotonous Life

Summer oh summer..i have the same routine every single day tau..forumming,watching series,AF, soccer training, watching movies, hanging out with friends, forumming again (aku forum 2 syif..eheh..siang ngan malam)..

but today, i really enjoyed myself. we had a graduation dinner for our beloved seniors just now at Bravo Room, Johnston Commons. We have 5 graduating seniors this year-Kunod, Dele, Mamat, Megat and Am. Mamat's and Megat's families also joined our dinner..the special thing about tonight was..jeng jeng jeng..this was the 1st time i wore a dress.penat siot round satu Ross looking for a suitable dress. Not because there's no glam dress...size is the problem. It's hard to find something that fits my petite body..adoiiii...finally i bought this once creamy black dress..wah..merasa la pakai dress..

and we took pictures like tomorrow never comes...wahh..exaggerate.but seriously.we took pictures like if we were the graduating seniors..and of course la eating like crazy,too.Hehe..

Gonna miss Kunod,Dele, Mamat, Am and Megat so much.I can't imagine life without them here..especially when we first came to the U.S. They guided us in so many things.we shared too many sweet moments..I wish you all the best in your future undertakings..

especially to Kunod..don't miss me and my CDs,ek?Hehe..But i would surely miss you.See you in Malaysia.And don't forget to wait for us if you were to hold a wedding.Nak jadi flower girl...

Gonna post some pictures later..

Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm Free..Yeah!

Yezza...finally Spring semester was officially over.being a loser, i had my final test on Friday...(kan dh ckp..loser gle).Result?Alhamdulillah..not bad la..still waiting for one more paper..

I got no specific plan for now.except for Midwest la..Plus, Zawa's friends have been inviting her to join their trip to Italy..(Italy siott).And Zawa asked me to go with her..and the chain begins..ngengeh..I asked Mak and Ju,too.Ju might not make it..she has class during the first summer session.I've been thinking about it as well.It just does not feel right when someone else makes the plan for your trip.Well..erm...let us see yer..

Today, I did nothing but hanging out with budak2 nih..Tini, Zharif and Wan would be staying in my house for a while before they go back to jealous..Nk balek jugak.Chill money and go back next year, ok?Let's pray that the fasting month would be in summer next year. I can't imagine breaking the fast at 9 pm..isk..nightmare..

Last night..time to ronggeng..Apai,Nisa,Peya,Zawa and I went to ColdStone..layan aiskrim.We had so much fun laughing and laughing and making stupid jokes.The workers there must felt like kicking us out.i bet you.hehe.Then, continue makan2 at Ada's house.Oh My God..laksa siott..playing DDR for the 1st time..loser ok!!always got either E or D..never mind.I won't never join America's best dance crew by the way.

Back from Ada's house..spending few minutes at The Diner to celebrate Sim's birthday. Happy Birthday, Sim. Then, straight balek. So scary ok walking at the downtown on weekend's night.Too many drunken people..isk..

Erm...thinking of my plan for tomorrow...

Last but not least...happy mother's day to my beloved mom, Gayah Mat Ail. I love you sooooooo much.Not to forget to all moms out there..

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm Done for This Semester!!

Settled with all finals?No..not yet laa...but i'm done with all my proctoring assignments.last monday i got two exams to usual CHEM 112 and replacing Biena for CHEM 452.It's not actually replacing..but more to switching.Angad was also taking CHEM 452.Hehehe..he's my TA for CHEM 203 lab for this semester..1st time feeling pangkat lg tinggi dr Angad..haha..nonsense.

Yeah...that was what I did for last monday..standing for almost 4 hours..yawning for about...erm..countless time...It's better in CHEM 452 because the instructor was soo sempoi..he let all of us sitting while proctoring..I even sat in the midst of the students who were taking their exams..who cared.Hehehe..

On Tuesday, I went to downtown to settle the Midwest t-shirts with Family Clothesline..nothing much.Just gave them the invoive and made a down payment.And again..meeting Angad.He forgot to pick up all the graded reports that I dropped off in this one room in South Frear...and guess what happened?This one guy (actually he's a professor) from BMB department emailed me telling that he found my graded assignments left in an empty room..Ya Allah..malunye.Luckily he's a very cool guy.He must have gone a lot of troubles googling for my email in PSU websearch kan?

Tomorrow's my 1st exam..which is BMB 252.Being a last exam was set on the last day of the final the very last minute of the day...wah..exagggerate.Merasa lah exam ari jumaat kol 440 ptg...adeih..

I posted some pictures from Spring BBQ last 2 weeks ago..It was fun..of course la with all the yummyyyyy food..I made the satay tauuuu..walaupun sbenarnye tolong Ada jek.Hehe..

Wish me luck!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Reviving My Other Blog

I have decided to revive my other blog in which I share my thoughts on Asian dramas that I have watched, current hot stuffs in entertainment, and anything that I've been watching. Biena complained that I wrote too much about AF here.Hehehe.Here we go, Biena. This blog would be solely dedicated to my life as a student of Pennstate, a daughter to my parents, a friend, and a member of the society. Wah.Bunyi cam kempen pilihanraya.

Please visit my other blog..esp ko Haleem.Nnt ko pos la pepanjang kat situh.ngehngeh

I only posted 2 entries in this blog before I decided to 'stop the operation'.Huhu.Too lazy to manage 2 blogs...

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Konsert AF6 Minggu 7 + Finding the Lost Spirit

Many people thought Alif might make it to the final..since he's always in Top 3.But Malaysians have proven that Alif is not their choice. Alif was eliminated in the 7th concert last night that was held in Istana Budaya. Week by week, people keep on predicting Toi..but he seems to have a very good luck. We are not sure how many people would perform in the final concert. However, Stacy, Nadia and Riz really deserve to be in the final.

Talking about final..I'm losing my spirit to study la..nih la..too much maen since Thursday night. Yesterday went out to play soccer with Ada, Daju, Tini, Zarif and Far. Later, Sim, Zam, Haleem and Zawa joined us. These past 2 weeks, got Thai lakorn fever. Hampagas tol. I better launch 'Finding Lost Spirit Mission' kan..

Thursday, May 1, 2008

International Spring Carnival

Finally..I can breath!!adeih..after a few hecticcc days, now I can rest a bit before the finals. So many quizzes, reports and tests were taking place this week..i barely able to update my assured.I'll update some of the events..better late than never,kan?

International Spring Carnival(ISC) was held 2 weeks ago.Every year, i was very excited for this event.Nape ek?Heheh..because they were so many booths from different countries..Of course, the ones that I was really interested in were Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.Why did not they have a booth from Korea?Isk..

Back to our booth..i was a volunteer during that day for Malaysian booth..together with Kunod, Apai, Khalil, Ron, Biena and Far. That day was so much fan. I was the 'bride' for that day..hahah.just for one day la.The theme for our booth was Malay wedding..and since we did not have any wedding attire from MSD, we just use Nisa's..a very 'liplap' baju kurung that I called 'baju tunang'.She could not wear it because she was one of the ISC's committees...well, who else was as small as her?Aku la tuh..(complement or dot dot dot?)

Lots of performances from other countries..and again, because of my 'liplap' baju, I represented Malaysia for fashion show. Huh...standing behind those big Arab guys really made me feel intimidated(intimidatedkah?hehehe).But it's good enaough to know 2 Japaneses that also participated in the show-Kevin and Mina. Mina was from Japan while Kevin was half-American and half-Japanese.(footnote:Kevin tuh muke boyish gle.Jadi plakon pon sng jek nk dpt kot).End of footnote.

We closed our booth around 8pm.We received quite a number of visitors during the event and they were all interested in Malaysia. Glad that we were able to promote Malaysia, even here.

I posted some pictures from the event-with Malaysians, volunteers and also Kevin.He's wearing yukata.Too bad Mina was not there during that time..she's cute, too :)