Friday, February 10, 2012

Bestnya dah habes presentation

Time surely flies. It’s about one year ago when I wrote my last entry on my first hiking experience at Broga Hill. Gila cepat kan masa berlalu. Exactly one year ago, I was having my own sweet moment, spending almost 8 hours in the office downloading movies and dramas. Tu masa jadi tutor. Rasa macam makan gaji buta pulaks. Exactly a year after, I’m spending time in the lab doing experiment. Still, I’m taking my own sweet time..but to watch my fungus and banana callus grows. Equally fun, in different ways. The good thing is I still can download movies and dramas in the lab .lol. once a downloaded always and remains a downloader. The past few days were quite hectic, preparing for journal club presentation while keeping up with lab works. The paper that I chose for this round was suggested by Farah (Thank roommieee). It’s a paper on diabetes, entitled ‘Engineering an L-cell line that expresses insulin under the control of the glucagon-like peptide-1 promoter for diabetes treatment’. My entire week was full of fancy words like L-cells, STC-1, GLP-1, islets of Langerhans and the list continues. While ‘insulin’ being my favorite word of the week and ‘diabetes’ becomes my nightmare, being able to sleep on my comfy small comforter is totallllyy my wish. Alhamdulillah, the presentation is now over, so I guess I won’t be haunted by those words anymore.