Thursday, December 31, 2009

Insiden Yang Boleh Mengundang Gelak Ketawa di Masjid

What kinds of things that could make you burst into a laugh when you are in the masjid?Well, I have one..and I thought I might as well share it with all of that you will get a great laugh and won't repeat it in the future.

I spent the past week in Atlanta attending Muktamar with some of my friends. Biasala..musafir kan,so we did solat jamak for most of the time. This incident happened when we were in Masjid Al-Farouq, a very big and beautiful mosque in Atlanta.

Pelaku: Yaya and Alot
Situation: I saw Alot was performing her first solat JAMAK(Zohor) when I was ready to pray (angkat takbir). Then, Alot (yang baru jek bagi salam) said something like this:

Alot: Eh Yaya. Ko nak solat kan? Asal tak pakai stoking?
Me: Ya Allah.Camne bleh lupe nih.Naseb baek ko cakap (walking to my handbag to grab my socks).


Me: Eh Alot. Ko bukan solat jamak ke? Solat jamak mana bleh ckp tgh2..kene sambung terus la.
Alot: Ya Allah..ko punye pasal la nih. Nak buat baek pon dah jd salah
Me: Hehe. Terpaksa ar ko solat balek. Jom solat ngan aku....
Alot: Patut aku senyapkan jek tadik..biar ko gelakkan diri snirik masa rukuk bila prasan kaki ko takde stoking.
Me: Salah ko snirik!

And so, Alot, the kind-hearted girl, had to re-perform her prayer altogether again.


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