Friday, August 21, 2009

Zack Jahat!

Zack Imran ke?No no no..This was about my roomate, Zack-chan. Well, I was back at State College since last Tuesday..(or was it Wednesday). Never mind. I messed up with dates. It's one of the most serious symptoms of jetlag, besides having too much sleep.

The moment I stepped into my room, I was startled to see a cat snuggling right besides Ahmong(my teddy bear) and on my very own bed (Did I ever mention that I'm scared of cat..yes, I actually am..It would take another two long paragraphs to explain how the phobia started). Well, she's not there when I left home 3 months ago..and now tadaaa...I got a cat in my house.

Zack told me that she bought the cat from an American woman who had to move out. Peyya kindly asked Zack if she really wanted to keep the cat since she knew that I'm an ailurophobia (they got a really nice name for cat-phobia-person). Since I only have 1 year left, I thought I might do well with the cat(even fine is actually plausible). Both Zawa and Zack are cat lovers, so the least I could do is not to scream when the cat approaches me. (Her name is Nala, btw)

That's how I made my resolution. In no time, I dare to get close to her. "Things could get better when you've made your mind".haha.

But then last evening, I went to Tini's room to meet her and a few more girls who just got off the plane. I told them that our room got a cat and she's Zack's. Guess what one of the girls told me? It's not Zack's CAT. It's Haziq's!!Haziq asked Zack to take care of his cat when he's out to travel. OMG..I was fooled by Zack for the last couple days..Siot Zack..nih musti sbb die tau aku takut kucing.Hahaha

The news broke out only after I made up my mind to be friend with Nala..banyak effort ok..haha..Zack was laughing when she knew that she's already kantoi..

Me: Aku dah redha tau Zack ko nak bela Nala..
Zack: Hah..nnt aku beli kucing baru utk aku snirik
Me: Takpe zack, aku dh tarik balik niat aku utk redha tuh...

Happy Ramadhan, everyone!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


3 months had passed.In no time, I'll be leaving Malaysia and continuing my study in the States.

Mixed feelings-sad to leave home yet excited to finish my final year.

My aims for the last two semesters in Pennstate?-No idea. I just wish to enjoy every moment, savor every memory, leave my mark everywhere, and cherish every person around me

After graduate?Still no idea. I'm thinking of working, but at the same time keep an idea of continuing my master degree. Another 2 options-local or also in the states. Different procedure,distinct pros and cons