Saturday, September 12, 2009

Center of Attraction

If someone asked you, what's the landmark of Pennstate?

First- the lion shrine
Second- Old Main

And how does it feel if you become the center of attraction at Old Main?

Double Triple 'Capub' aka cari publisiti la kan..hehehe

Ye..we spent our evening at the Old Main lawn to commemorate Malaysia's Independence Day (which was about 2 weeks ago). it's more than 'capub' actually, because we did something that's worth a praise, something that we can be proud of. Even though not all Malaysians were there, but we still get a good number of attendees. What we did then?

We took pictures in front of Old Main, proudly holding a Malaysian flag..and also sang 'Negaraku' and 'Jalur gemilang'. Since we had a football match today, it's expected to see more parents walking around the campus. And of them was actually very interested in our get the extend that she took a picture of us singing Negaraku. Cool kan?

After the shoot, we headed off to Thomas Building for solat Asar and a movie show-Hati Malaya 1957. I left halfway through the movie and went back home with Zawa(sbb craving nak makan subway..ehehe). nevertheless, it's a wonderful and memorable evening. To be honest, this was my first real merdeka celebration at penn state. and I'm glad that I get the chance to do that before leaving for good....

p/s: Azreen actually recorded a video when we were singing Jalur Gemilang. i wish to get the vid from her and upload it on Youtube.


daju said...

serious ker korg buat cmtu..mantap gile daju mesti dh pg tgk football dh..huuu..
hehh..rinduu laa korg..iskk..

YaYa said...

hehehe..siyes daju kitorg wat cam capub ar jugak..sbb org lalu lalang..camne keje?ok ke?

..:: eT ^ zaTieY ::.. said...

i'm glad u enjoyed it, Yaya!
rugi je xdpt join. otw g ada omputeh stop tanya2 soalan psl korg buat apa. interested sungguh mereka.

abis2 terang, korg pun nk gerak g thomas. rugi je..