Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sticky Note

It's not that I don't realize it..but I just don't bother to look at it-my sticky note

I often stick my blue note on my laptop (konon kesedaran..jgn maen lptop lama2..sedar sket ade homwek)..Now, I've come to my senses. Even though I really want to deny it, it's a FACT that my blue sticky note is full of homeworks

BIOTC 416 - Presentation
BIOTC 489 - Presentation
Chinese - Oral and Cultural Presentation
BIOTC 479 - Quiz, Work Order, Executive Summary

Except for the BIOTC 479 assignments, the other are still far away (like yeeee). But, in a blink of eye, I'll find myself dwelling on my couch trying to finish up every assignment. Huh..I better start doing something today.....( But I really want to watch the latest episode of 'You're Beautiful'<---more about this later.



hani said...

sabar yaya...
wat assignmnt dulu...hehe

silentdreamer said...

org kte
youre beautiful tu best..
jom tgk!!^^
tp siapkn keje dlu..
it's for ur own good..