Sunday, March 22, 2009

For the first time..

For the first time, I felt so excited that I chose Biotechnology as my major. The reason is...? It may sound's really a lame reason.....I got excited over watching a telemovie. Lame la kan?

The story goes like this...I downloaded a Malay telemovie last week called "Ponti Anak Remaja" but never got chance to watch it until just now (pastuh tros blogging..gigihkan?). The story is very unrealistic..enough said..pasal pontianak yg menjelma jd manusia.Nonsense kan..but...The main essence of the drama is Biotechnology! The three leads were Biotech students in a so-called the best college in KL, MIT and they tried to modify the genetics of a flower (Bunga Mekar Harum Malam) so that bunga tuh got medical values in Biomedics....Karut kan?

But then...I really don't know why I got so excited over the fact that Biotech is the gateway of making a lot of great medicines. Serious..this is the first time I felt so glad studying Biotech..Inspiring, maybe? Now, cam dh dpt semangat nak grad and invent something that would be beneficial for the human kind.

I still have one year before graduation..a lot of things can be learned in this period...Blajar lagi..enjoy life at Penn State so that I won't have any regrets when I go back to Malaysia for good.

For those yg nk tgk cite tak logik tapi fun nih(at least that is what I think)..I already uploaded it on my youtube channel (wah..sempat promosi). I really love the script..sempoi and mmg teenagers' nye style..Congrats to the production team. Enjoy it!

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