Thursday, June 26, 2008


It's too sudden..i know..ehehe..gaya cm nk gi jauh brother kindly creates a new site for me at snirik la tuh..So, guys..I'm moving to my new site


Please feel free to tag me again!Pasnih jgn sesat tau...

Mari pindah!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

1st Week of Class

Hard to ronggeng time was more overdose ronggeng until dawn..forumming..watching series.sigh.OK..i'm back to class....reluctantly kah?hehehe

My 1st day...full of spirit ok..yela..chinese class..i've been dreaming to take chinese course since last br dpt class was at 8am...until 1230 pm..intensive ok.i used to stay up until dawn kan during my ronggeng,dgn rs tanggungjawabnye,i cut down my ronggeng time..slept around 1 worked out quite well..i managed to wake up early..solat sume..then, bermulalah tragedi ngeri..this was on monday..on the very 1st day of my class..after subuh prayer..konon nk lelap japs..that time around 6 lebeh kot..lelap nye lelap, my nap was disturbed by a phone call..saying.."Weh yaya.Ko kat ner nih?Cepat la weih..dekat 830 dah nih"WHAT?????DEKAT 830???biar betik.i looked at my cellphone..OMG.819 am....siyes...i was late on my 1st day to class..luckily, the teacher hadn't started teaching yet..she was explaining about the syllabus yada yada yada..until she talked about attendance..dan2 je die ckp sape lewat mmg akn rugi bnyk..tertinggal kuiz sume...sambil pndang ke arah aku..huhu..what should i do then?Act as if I was innocent la...Dengan gaya menulis dgn tekun..padahal mende apa nk tulis nye pon..hehehe

That was my 1st other days were was a fun class..small class of 14 ppl..most of them are Indian..2 Malaysians..though the workloads are quite heavy and the pinyin was very's still an enjoyable class.After all, i really do like Chinese.

Anyway..I got back my ronggeng time yesterday..yerla..wiken.Went to Tussey Mountain with Zawa,Ada,Wani,Mamat,Shazwan and woo..Playing go-kart and baseball.Those were some of the photos that we took yesterday...

OK..get back to royan.layan Gokusen 3 ep 7..and practise more chinese characters..smangat kah? bleh la..bnyk sgt..

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's not that scary..

Imagine that you are going to a horseback riding..and you were thinking of tall,big horse that is double your were afraid that you might fall from the horse's back..and it's going to tramp on you.....Ye ye...I was imagining things..Haha.I cannot lie to myself la..I was a bit afraid..excited..After all, this was my first time riding a horse.
The stable was located in Mount Pocono, about 2 and a half hours from State College.There were 5 of us..Me, Ada,Mamat,Zam and Rizal.Too bad Zawa got class and was not able to join us...
In the car, I was a bit relieved when Ada and Rizal said the trainers would choose a horse that suited our heights...Ok..that's what I wanted to hear..Nice words...But then when we arrived there..adeih...mimpi ku's true that at 1st,I got quite a small horse,named Rose..But, Rose was so stubborn...and the worst thing was, she was a glutton(Can I use glutton for animals?Never mind..ehehe)..She kept on eating..eating..and eating.It's hard to pull her head so that she would continue our 2-hours tour in that small jungle...Adeih..Most of the time,she would stop and eat when she saw grass..or small plants..or anything that she could eat lah..
in the middle of the journey..the trainers changed Rose with a male horse..This time I got Frances.Frances was soooo much nicer...and more obedient.And of course, not a glutton like Rose.The tour was relaxing..I enjoyed the ride..It was more fun when they horses trying to compete in a race...Nak tercabut ok glasses aku..
Our first experience was good...except for Rose yg asek nk makan jek.Haha..Frances also got his own habits actually..He love to throw big and small water merata2.But I prefer this habit rather than Rose's..haha
Oh..I forgot to mention everyone's horses...Ada got Annie...Zam got buddy(the trainer called him Bad...huhuh).Rizal-I can't recall...Mamat-Flicka.We headed home around 8 sth...and went to celebrate Fatah's birthday.Happy 21th Birthday to Fatah.Mode bahgie hingga ank cucu..ehehe

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Feeling Happy

So many reasons to feel happy these past few days.Hehehe...
End of my shortest post ever

Monday, June 9, 2008

BBQ day

originally, we planned to go for a 1-night camping on last saturday..since we were short of tents..our plan changed.BBQ pon jadik long as we can eat.tak gitu?, we were off to Bald Eagle Rec. Park around 3 pm camtuh.that was my 2nd time.i already went there during my freshman year.they got a very big lake and areas for swimming,BBQ,picninc,fishing,kayaking sume la..

zawa and I made nasi ayam that day..thanks to Ada foe her recipe..but kitorang nih degil.we use so much chicken stock until our rice was too lembik..uwaa..seb abek still sedap.wah..puji diri snirik nih

we had fun that day...eating, playing baseball,frisbee, kite,eating lagik...too bad that we were not able to rent a boat...too late la ms tuh...

My team won again in the frisbee games...tight ok game arituh..we were chasing each other's points..pancit siot maen game nih rupernye..after frisbee,eating again...

we left the park around 8 pm...tired but we had so much fun...erm..let us think of our plan next week plak ye..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Britain's Got Talent SEMI-FINAL 2008 - George Sampson

Kayak+Frisbee+Kite Again

Sunday evening..haa..borim lagik.Wah.It seemed like dejavu laks.Copy paste the same sentence. While I was surfing the internet,Dele called Zawa and told us to be ready.For what??Picninc guyssss!Yezaaa..We are going to Whipple Dam!

Who were the members?Me,Zawa,Ada,Mamat,Dele,Zam,Faiez and Jin.Same members, right?Yela..dah 7-8 ketul nih jek yg tinggal.Never mind.Our company was as lively as always.At first, we were lost to another park..more like a hiking trail called Stone Valley. We did stop there for a while..taking picture with eagle and owl.Then we proceeded to Whipple Dam..about 10 miles from College Park.

The place was so nice!Got areas to swim, play volleyball and kayak.I never kayaked did Ada and Zawa. So we took a kayak for 4 people(Or Was it called something else?).Never mind..Zawa and I tried our very best to kayak..Haha.It seemed like the kayak did not move much.Well..unfair ok.The kayak sailed smoothly when mamat took over.Dah...biar jek Mamat kayuh.Zawa and I would be the special guests.Haha.

After penat kayaking for about 50 minutes,we ate some food that we brought from home.Then, we played frisbee and kite.Kite again?Yup..But the wind was not helping much that day..So, at the end..we played frisbee.We had so much fun..but unfortunately Faiez lost his glasses when he tried to save the frisbee.Lor..dapat frisbee spec tergadai.Poor him.he was pretty sure he wore the glasses when he jumped into the swimming area. Well, we have looked over the places and it's getting darker that time. So, we decided to leave.

That night, we had dinner in Lexington.Yess...after a tiresome day.Rizal's Ayam Sambal was superrrr spicy.Ya Allah.pedas smpai berair mata.Proud of myself because I bore with it till the end. Thanks Rizal for the food.So, we went back to college park kekenyangan.Hehehe

Please fly, My Kite!

Saturday evening..bored as usual. I was surfing the internet when Ada called Zawa and invited us to play kite with her and Mamat.Kite??I haven't played that for ages!!No need to waste anymore time la..we packed some food and rushed to the West Field.

Mamat was the one who was very excited to play kite.Maybe because he would be leaving it was very windy that day.He bought two kites that we have to assemble the parts ourselevs.There we go!Engineering vs Biotech.Biotech students like me,zawa and Ada would act smart. We don' really know how to combine the pieces.Rather we took a peek on Mamat.heheh..Science students always used their brains...No need to say about Mamat la...He always knows how to do things.

The three of us share a kite.Expected from girls.Haha.Depress ok..because our kite kept on falling down..eventhough the wind was quite strong.While Mamat was celebrating because his kite flew so high..our kite crashed lor..Sedeh..because the end part tore... we have any other choice?Yes...of course!Exchanging our kite with Mamat.So mean, ha.Mamat was trying hard to repair our kite while we were happy with our 'new' kite.I managed to make this kite fly very high and used the whole thread. This one American was very impressed with my kite.hehe.He was like very nervous when my kite was slightly falling down.He kept shouting 'Pull it!Pull it!..Ye pakcik.Aku nih relax bagai..he was the one who was more excited than me.hehe

We had a very good time playing with the kite.Ok..time to go home before all the syaitan go out.It's Maghrib already la....