Friday, October 30, 2009

Transforming Into Snow White

This is how it's called in chinese - 白雪公主

I got a chance to be Snow White in my recent skit for my Chinese class. It's a lot of fun. We're a group of 4-me, Andy, Erin and Luke. We were instructed to choose a famous story and put a twist on it. And guess what?We didn't just put a little twist, we almost change the whole storyline-except for me being the prettiest girl in the world (hahahah) and I was poisoned by a chocolate prepared by a witch(no more apple, ye).

I specially borrowed Zack's camera and brought it to the class to record my skit. But my laoshi did something better. She also brought a camera with the tripod to tape our performances. It's been a great day for the whole class. Two groups were doing Snow White (including us), but we definitely had different stories. The other group did Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Everyone was so cute and supportive. Can't wait to see the other 2 groups on Monday.

Even though I had to fall asleep for the second half of the skit, at least I didn't have to memorize any lines.Haha.


Baizura said...

HAHAHAH best gak jd snow white ni!!

Anonymous said...

finally am trying to finish watching rahsia hati. ep 30 tak de ke? do u know where i can access it? who did rita rudaini get married to? many questions..tq for uploading so far


Anonymous said...

tq for uploading ep 30, menyusahkan u je