Sunday, March 29, 2009

Awesome Night-Love you all

We totally rock our Malaysian Night this year. Full house beb with 300 over guests. This was the first time that we didn't have enough chair to seat everyone. I was so proud with all Malaysians, each of them has shown great commitment in making the last night's event a huge success. I was in-charge of the "Inai" aka Henna booth, but then I got tired of explaining the same things to the guests. Haha..I basically repeated the "stages in Adat Berinai" to them. They thought that our cultures are unique and they were merely impressed over simple mengkuang. Kagum laks diorang dgn mende alah tuh since they never found it here.

Then, I started wandering around..entertained the guests and ushered them to their seats. I guessed this suited me better. I love meeting of the reasons is..hehehe..I could use different greetings to welcome them. Well, even basic greeting can really make them feel saying "anyo haseyo" to korean, "ni hao" to Chinese guests and even "sawadikap" to the Thai guest. They asked me whether I really knew the language in which I said.."No la...only the basic-basic thing la"(takde la jawab gaya cenggini). Now, I can really see the advantages of watching dramas...hahahah

I had a great time last night, and I think everyone did enjoy the night. I asked a few American friends and they said they really loved all the performances. Of course they did since it's not something that they could find here.We also had MARA, MSD, JPA and Petronas officers coming. Thanks everyone for your hard work.It really paid off kan. It was a wonderful night with beautiful people around. Korang mmg cun ahhh!

Credits to Azri Azhar and Fawwaz for the pics


Azri said...

and Fawwaz Pauzy.

taufiq said...

wah ade belakang tabir wayang kulit.. nice!

budinol said...

weh. gamba zapin xde. camni ah yaya.