Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Girls' Night Out

Nguahahaha...there's one person who just received her first salary.This kind-hearted girl had agreed to treat us at Coldstone.Yeahhh!!Ice cream..wahaha...but i had banana split that night.Too much ice cream la..Thanks Zawa!!Muahhxxx....

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ada now is also 21!!

Whoah...more and more of my friends become 21.tak aci tau!!!21 is like an 'umur keramat' here.Kire dh jd org besar la..Last week was my friend's birthday..Ada. Since most of the people went to Washington D.C. for Hari Raya celebration at the Embassy..we held 2 separate parties for Ada. and of course I attended both.Makan free lol...heheheh


Happy Birthday. May ALLAH bless you always. Any good news from you and Mamat, we must be the very first ones yg tau, tauuuuu. Moga bahgie hendaknye. and one more thing, kalo dah glemer masok janganlah plaks lupe kitorang.ehehehhehe

1st Part - Zack, Daju, Peyya and me (anak2 terbuang yang tak pegi D.C.

2nd Part-With people yang baru balek dr D.C.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zawa is now 21!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZAWA!!! You are a big girl now..ngengehngeh..Wish you a year of happiness and may you find an American boyfriend. Baek tak wish aku utk ko? We had a surprise birthday party for her. The cake was bought a day before her birthday and kept in Tini's room. Such a happy moment for her and all of us. Though it's only a small party, we were glad that we could hold it for her. Love you, Zawa! Tengok, comel tak bear halloween yg aku bg?Hehe..I bought this on the way home from a Chinese group discussion that night.

Wish you all the best!!Kawan sampai mati, ok?Nnt kawen jgn wat2 lupe laks nk jemput kesah la ko kawen ngan sape pon.hehehehe

Thursday, October 16, 2008

East Open House

Venue: The Lofts
Host Bersama: The Lofts, Lexington and Park Hill

South Open House

Venue: Allen Park
Host Bersama: Takde sebab Allen Park snirik dah ade 11 umah Melayu..hehehhe

West Open House

Venue: My house
Host bersama: College Park and The Graduate

Raya di Perantaun Version 3.0

Can't believe that this was already my 3rd time spending Raya overseas..only one more left before I go back to Malaysia. I've mentioned about the larger number of Malaysians in Penn State right now, kan?So, sebab tu la we did something called 'Open House Berperingkat'. We have 3 districts..wah..district maen2 negeri2 laks..East, South and West. The 1st batch that held the open house was my area-West area!'s not that well-planned.Suddenly we felt like doing the open house on Friday night (the 1st week of Syawal) because we could not find any other time. We are truly sorry for those who could not attend our open house because of the short notice.We'll make it up next time ye.

Ahh..forgot to mention. How did I celebrate my 1st day of Syawal?Waa....dalam Biochem Lab.'Playing' with those electrophoresis and plasmid things..sob sob sob.Hopefully, we'll be able to at least perform the Raya prayer at Pasquerilla Center next year.

Haa..lupe nak mention jugak.My face masok salam perantrauan.Hehhehe.Thanks to Mao yang sungguh2 antar awal Ramadhan lagiks. Walaupun ciput..tapi tatappp nampak.

Hope it's not too late to wish 'Selamat Hari Raya'..Pose tuh ganti..heheh

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trip to Buffalo and Toronto, Canada Last Day

Haaa...setelah susah payah wat's toronto bebeh..wahh..excited nih.But wait..could you guess our most ulterior motive of going to Toronto??
Sight seeing?Nope..kat Buffalo boleh...Ngusha mamat2 Canada?alaa..lam tv bleh?Ayam KFC Halal??waa...that is what we want to buy in Toronto.My friend said that i'm crazy..traveling so far just to get Ayam KFC halal..craving ok.So dulik hape kan?Hehhe..Mission accomplished.We were able to buy around 3 buckets of KFC and Popeye there...bawak balek bg dak2 nih makan

Trip to Buffalo and Toronto, Canada Day 3

Yeah..Downtown Buffalo.Never thought that Downtown Buffalo is very big..I'm so used to the small, peaceful Downtown State College.Heheh. The best thing about their downtown is...They got a bay!!!Tak acii ok.After we settled the visa procedures, it's time to jalan2 along the bay in Downtown Buffalo!

In the evening, Kak Ili, one of Ju's senior's has kindly driven us to Beaver Island.Picnic Time!Had so much fun playing frisbee and makan ayam yang Kak Ummi peram.Thanks all!!

Trip to Buffalo and Toronto, Canada Day 2

Niagara Falls again?Hahah..yup.We heard that the scenery during day and night was different.Plus, we haven't got to board the rides the night before. Khalil and Zam went back to State College that evening. So, Ju took us to jalan-jalan in the University at Buffalo (UB) Campus..