Monday, May 4, 2009

5 Things I Love About Spring


Atashinchi no Danshi

Black and White


Cain and Abel

Boys Over Flowers

Springgg..Yippiiii...What's so great about Spring this year??Let's check it out!

Rank 5
"Bunga-bunga matahari..yang berkembang" (Nyanyi ala-ala kumpulan Feminin gituu). Definitely one of the reasons why I like Spring. Flowers are everywhere.. lovely okkk

Rank 4
Aside from flowers..of course la the weather kan. Nice weather...sunny days (though it's raining these few days). But obviously much better than snow la kan..tak tahan kottt snow jek manjang. Not to mention that winter this year was much longer compared to the past couple years.

Rank 3
Great events and courses throughout Spring semester. Spring semester always had better events compared to Fall..either organized by MASA or other organizations. Malaysian Night this year was fantastic, fantabulous, awesome, boombastic, lost of words dah. International Spring Festival was not bad either. Last week, we had a presentation in HUB as a part of our Biotech class's requirement. Jadik maskot jagung arituh, bleh?Hehehe..too bad la..I wish someone snapped my pic wearing the 'corn mascot' thing..Classes were not too bad either. Since the classes were getting smaller (as we were focusing more on our major courses), we got to know more friends this semester. Of course my fav class would be Chinese. Great classmates with great learning experiences!

Rank 2
Spring has the best set of dramas everrrrr..tak tipu..siyess.mucchh better than the dramas line up for Winter and Fall. Be it Korean, Japanese or even Taiwan. Plus, AF, MI, and all kinds of awards were in Spring..tak caye ke??ekekkeke..even AJL pon tauu. To name a few la

Boys Over Flower (Min-ho and F3.. cuci mata okkkk)
Cain and Abel ( Oh Ji-sub kuu)
Brilliant Legacy
Queen of Housewives
Cinderella Man
The Slingshot (Ade Park-Ki Wong ngan Park Yong Ha)
The Accidental Couple

Atashinchi no Danshi (Kamane Jun pon comeyy)
Mr. Brain (Ada TakuYAYA Kimura)

Together (Jiro comey la plaks lam cite nih)
Black and White (This drama's getting good reviews from ppl and is said to be drifted from teh typical idol drama..really lookinf forward to watching it)

Akademi Fantasia (Hafiz..This kid really got talent)

banyak okkk...only BOF and Cain & Abel finished airing. In the midst of a short break because of the finals. Will be continued right after my last paper..hehehhe...gigih nihh

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daju said...

bile time tak final xlayan fb and tak update blog..
bile finals pjg plak post..haha

YaYa said...

haha..tuh r daju..yaya pon tk phm..syndrome stress final kottt..yer la..ade org tuh dh grad..hehe

miesya @ miesya_nubie said...

amboi yaya...ko pun layan hafiz yek..samalah kite..muahaha..yaya ko balik bp haribulan??

Anonymous said...

thanks for rahsia hati, also aku anak artis, even though i have not had the chance to watch it yet.

all the best with yr exam results


syazlina abdul rasid said...

hurm..samela kite..ble final mcm ade syndrome nk mengepost entry jeh... best kn smile n black&white~

Madiera said...

dah jejak kaki kat Msia ker.....

Madiera said... gathering nubies ker? kim salam le kat Nub eik...kaka bilabong kim salam...hahahhahaha...