Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's not that difficult to be a bad friend

You don't have to steal your best friend's boyfriend to be labeled as a bad friend. Merely forgetting your friend's birthday already made you feel guilty.

Last Friday (April 10) was my best friend's birthday, Eli. We were in the same class since Standard 1 and became best buddy right after we started school. I sent her a birthday wish through YM but did nit specially wish her her in my blog. Sorry Eli.

Wish you a great year and tunggu aku balek weh...nnt kito pusing2 KB...nok gi TESCO..ekekeke..napok sangat jakun nih..

Muahxxxx...Nati aku bawok balek adiah ko mu deh.

These pics were old ones..taken when I went to visit her house during my summer break during Freshman year. Eli's wearing the light brown tudung


Anonymous said...

ape la malang elly dpt kwn cm angah ni...

Z said...

hi yaya, thnks for uploading msian dramas on the u tube.


Anonymous said...

cik ya-ya, upload drama rahsia hati boleh tak? ada aaron aziz and rita rudaini gak, tq.

tq for cont to upload cinta gila


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