Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Malaysian Night Pics

Credits to Azri Azhar and Fawwaz

Awesome Night-Love you all

We totally rock our Malaysian Night this year. Full house beb with 300 over guests. This was the first time that we didn't have enough chair to seat everyone. I was so proud with all Malaysians, each of them has shown great commitment in making the last night's event a huge success. I was in-charge of the "Inai" aka Henna booth, but then I got tired of explaining the same things to the guests. Haha..I basically repeated the "stages in Adat Berinai" to them. They thought that our cultures are unique and they were merely impressed over simple mengkuang. Kagum laks diorang dgn mende alah tuh since they never found it here.

Then, I started wandering around..entertained the guests and ushered them to their seats. I guessed this suited me better. I love meeting of the reasons is..hehehe..I could use different greetings to welcome them. Well, even basic greeting can really make them feel saying "anyo haseyo" to korean, "ni hao" to Chinese guests and even "sawadikap" to the Thai guest. They asked me whether I really knew the language in which I said.."No la...only the basic-basic thing la"(takde la jawab gaya cenggini). Now, I can really see the advantages of watching dramas...hahahah

I had a great time last night, and I think everyone did enjoy the night. I asked a few American friends and they said they really loved all the performances. Of course they did since it's not something that they could find here.We also had MARA, MSD, JPA and Petronas officers coming. Thanks everyone for your hard work.It really paid off kan. It was a wonderful night with beautiful people around. Korang mmg cun ahhh!

Credits to Azri Azhar and Fawwaz for the pics

Sunday, March 22, 2009

For the first time..

For the first time, I felt so excited that I chose Biotechnology as my major. The reason is...? It may sound's really a lame reason.....I got excited over watching a telemovie. Lame la kan?

The story goes like this...I downloaded a Malay telemovie last week called "Ponti Anak Remaja" but never got chance to watch it until just now (pastuh tros blogging..gigihkan?). The story is very unrealistic..enough said..pasal pontianak yg menjelma jd manusia.Nonsense kan..but...The main essence of the drama is Biotechnology! The three leads were Biotech students in a so-called the best college in KL, MIT and they tried to modify the genetics of a flower (Bunga Mekar Harum Malam) so that bunga tuh got medical values in Biomedics....Karut kan?

But then...I really don't know why I got so excited over the fact that Biotech is the gateway of making a lot of great medicines. Serious..this is the first time I felt so glad studying Biotech..Inspiring, maybe? Now, cam dh dpt semangat nak grad and invent something that would be beneficial for the human kind.

I still have one year before graduation..a lot of things can be learned in this period...Blajar lagi..enjoy life at Penn State so that I won't have any regrets when I go back to Malaysia for good.

For those yg nk tgk cite tak logik tapi fun nih(at least that is what I think)..I already uploaded it on my youtube channel (wah..sempat promosi). I really love the script..sempoi and mmg teenagers' nye style..Congrats to the production team. Enjoy it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Spring Break is Over!!-Part 3

Malaysian Night Preparation

People started busy preparing for Malaysian Night. We spent our last weekend doing bunga telur and bunga manggar. Boo was so creative that she initiated doing bunga telur with napkins. tipu. Cam carnation gituuu. Biena was helping Boo a lot with the idea…and bli2 barang jugaks. So, we got the people gather and did both bunga telur and bunga manggar together. Though it’s very tiring and it’s hard to gather people, we had so much fun doing it. Ade hiburan lagi-nyanyi, pesta pantun,etc. Thanks for those who come…really appreciate your commitment. Only two more weeks before Malaysian Night…Let’s make it our night (bak kata Nana)

Alhamdulillah, there’s a lot of things to be thankful of. The fact that I’m still alive and got to do many things during the break was something that I should feel grateful. At this moment, we still have our family and friends, we got to live in a nice apartment and got to wear nice clothes. I want to build up this habit of saying my words of gratitude towards Allah every time He gives me His blessing. It may sound simple, but many people forget about it….Let’s make it our habit ye ;)

My Spring Break is Over!!-Part 2

Shopping at Atlantic City Outlet, New Jersey.

Ok…shopping. Sounds fun, tp duit pon ‘fun’ jugak la.Heheh. It was a long time ago when I had my last shopping (Black Friday 2007 kot). This was my first time ever shopping like crazy. I mean I used to shop for my family when I went to Malaysia during freshman year. But this was my first time buying lots of things for myself. Best rupernye shopping nih. Especially when you went crazy with all the discounts offered. I almost ‘rembat’ this one Coach tau. First time berkenann ngan Coach. But then I decided not to purchase. Macam too big for me. Takut org nmpk beg tuh dr aku. My travel-mates were Ada, Wanie, Egy and Biena.Thanks Ada and Wanie sbb tolong drive keter. We only spent 1 night and 2 days in Atlantic City. It’s a very nice, small town withbeautiful view of the beach. Ade Trump Plaza tau. At night, we lepak-lepak kat Hard Rock CafĂ©. We shopped for 2 days ok. Tak cukup masa. Rasa cam maen ‘Pintar Pintas’ laks. Joe Jambul pon boleh. And as usual, traveling and eating come in package. We found this one halal friend chicken restaurant. Best Ok..especially for us yg desperate gile for KFC. Then we had lunch at this one Chinese-Malaysian restaurant. At first, I was the one who’s craving for Air Batu Campur (ABC). Then , Ada and Wani found that there’s a Malaysian restaurant in Atalntic City. So, apa lagik. Rembat la. The owner was so nice and friendly. Tak tipu. She treated us with dessert walaupun tk order. The food was delicious(obviously, tgk pinggan pon tau). We’ll go there again next time,kalo ade rezki..insya-Allah.

My Spring Break is Over!!-Part 1

With Mak

Pennstaters yg mengharu-birukan majlis with friends from other universities

How did I spend my break then? Huhuh..lots of fun things-attending JM and ISR, meeting Mak and other friends, preparing for Malaysian Nights, dramas, movies and shopping (Spending money,fun ke??).

Jaulah Murabbi (JM) and Islamic Spring Retreat (ISR) RIT

I was soooo glad that I attended these programs. At first, I wanted to go there to meet best friend, Mak a.k.a. Hawa a.k.a. Mak Chibi. It turned out that I learnt a lottttt from the events. There were two speakers-Akhi Fazrul and another one(for got the name). We spent 2 nights in Mak’s house and I got to meet my long lost ‘siblings’-Chibi (who’s Chibi?Hehehe). You got to see the picture of Chibi. I’m unofficially called ‘Kakak Chibi’. I’ve been spending my INTEC days with Chibi.So kirer akak tiri la kan. Mak’s house was very nice and cozy. Thanks Mak for being a very good host. Windu ko. Taktau bile lagik boleh jumpe.