Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've Officially Retired

I'm officially retreating from 'underground jobs' on Youtube. Haha.

I should have expected this soon. For the last couple months, some production houses have been tracking down Youtubers who violated their copyrights (including me). I've received 2 warnings and I was informed that once I got the third warning, my account will be suspended. Nothing much happened after that until I watched some clips from 'Family Outing' with Zack last night. I tried to log in into my account but an error message occured. Guess what? 'Your account has been suspended due to copyright violation'. I've decided to stop uploading the vids if my account were suspended. Now is the time to retire. I feel bad though for my subscribers, especially for those who have been diligently following 'Rahsia Hati'. The scheduled episodes are 40 and I already uploaded up to 32 (I guess). I hope someone will continue uploading the series for them.

~Officially bidding good bye to Youtube~

Thanks all for the comments (though I hate reading some rude comments. Some people really need to learn how to properly voice out their opinions)


Anonymous said...

I do hope someone will upload "Rahsia Hati" since I'm a fan..

Anonymous said...

Hi..really thanks for all your upload. Really brighten my days in gloomy UK. Was really dissapointed when suddenly I coudn't access it anymore. Anyway may I know since you are in USA, how did u manage to upload stories from Malaysia? Well if I can do that too then I don't have to wait for someone to upload esp Kasih Tercipta. Or maybe you can email me or I email u to fond out how?

YaYa said...

Hi all.

Thanks for the comments. I'm more than happy to explain about how I get access to all the vids from Malaysia. It's easier for you to download them yourselves without waiting for someone to share them on Youtube. Writing on here might be a bit inconvenient. I'll make another entry on my blog explaining about this. Hope this helps.

KIRIS.. said...

salam.. hi..salam ziarah.. just wonder if u r irienad from youtube?? Gosh, it really disappoint me when kasih tercipta n rahsia hati were no longer there.. since i've fallen my eyes to that movie for quit some times.. huhu.. trying very hard to search other sources to watch this movie.. unfortunately, just managed to go untill ep 30 for rahsia hati at tvmalaysia. well, if you really dont mind.. can you please upload all the ep somewhere else such as rapidshare or megaupload for ep 31-40?? really appreciate if you can do so since i did try to retrieve my id n pw from but still dont get any reply from them..

Anonymous said...

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