Thursday, December 31, 2009

Insiden Yang Boleh Mengundang Gelak Ketawa di Masjid

What kinds of things that could make you burst into a laugh when you are in the masjid?Well, I have one..and I thought I might as well share it with all of that you will get a great laugh and won't repeat it in the future.

I spent the past week in Atlanta attending Muktamar with some of my friends. Biasala..musafir kan,so we did solat jamak for most of the time. This incident happened when we were in Masjid Al-Farouq, a very big and beautiful mosque in Atlanta.

Pelaku: Yaya and Alot
Situation: I saw Alot was performing her first solat JAMAK(Zohor) when I was ready to pray (angkat takbir). Then, Alot (yang baru jek bagi salam) said something like this:

Alot: Eh Yaya. Ko nak solat kan? Asal tak pakai stoking?
Me: Ya Allah.Camne bleh lupe nih.Naseb baek ko cakap (walking to my handbag to grab my socks).


Me: Eh Alot. Ko bukan solat jamak ke? Solat jamak mana bleh ckp tgh2..kene sambung terus la.
Alot: Ya Allah..ko punye pasal la nih. Nak buat baek pon dah jd salah
Me: Hehe. Terpaksa ar ko solat balek. Jom solat ngan aku....
Alot: Patut aku senyapkan jek tadik..biar ko gelakkan diri snirik masa rukuk bila prasan kaki ko takde stoking.
Me: Salah ko snirik!

And so, Alot, the kind-hearted girl, had to re-perform her prayer altogether again.

Friday, December 18, 2009

How to Download Malay Series/Movies

Since I won't be able to upload anymore Malay series/movies, I thought I might as well share this information with you. Some people asked me how I get access to Malay series even though I'm not in Malaysia. A lot of people might have heard of torrent-it's nothing new, many people have been using it. But some of you might have never heard of 'JIWANG' site.

I downloaded all the series from that website, split each episode and upload them on Youtube. Everyone can start registering on JIWANG and download the series yourself without having to wait for someone to upload them. The quality of the video is generally good, but what you need are:

1. Torrent client- there're tons of torrent clients available on internet (for free). But, so far, JIWANG only recommends using 'utorrent'. You can google it and download the latest version recommended by JIWANG, which is, 'utorrent 1.8.1'

2. Registration email- You cannot use free email for registration (eg: Yahoo,Hotmail, etc). You need an email with specific domain (eg: domain university, company, website snirik, etc). To be frank, I'm not sure whether or not this rule still applies. You can try using free email first, but I doubt it'll work. I hope someone can confirm this.

3. Good internet connection- those who are studying overseas, I doubt you'll have this kind of problem. I mean, generally, your connection should be good. Those who have bad internet connection will have problem downloading the videos from the website. It might take forever just to complete a 45-minute-episode. With all the new technologies introduced nowadays, I'm pretty sure the problem isn't that bad anymore.Key word for this -PATIENCE.

4. Learn all the rules and basics about torrent- each torrent website has its own rules; so does JIWANG. If you are able to register and get access to the vids, please learn the rules there. Also, make sure you know the basic terms of using torrent. It's not that you'll be tested for this. It makes your life much easier if you know what you're doing.

The website is

Good luck, everyone. I hope this information will help you enjoying all the Malay series out there. Though someone will most probably upload your favorite series on Youtube, it's still not a bad idea to download it yourself and keep it as your collection.

Feel free to ask me about anything.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've Officially Retired

I'm officially retreating from 'underground jobs' on Youtube. Haha.

I should have expected this soon. For the last couple months, some production houses have been tracking down Youtubers who violated their copyrights (including me). I've received 2 warnings and I was informed that once I got the third warning, my account will be suspended. Nothing much happened after that until I watched some clips from 'Family Outing' with Zack last night. I tried to log in into my account but an error message occured. Guess what? 'Your account has been suspended due to copyright violation'. I've decided to stop uploading the vids if my account were suspended. Now is the time to retire. I feel bad though for my subscribers, especially for those who have been diligently following 'Rahsia Hati'. The scheduled episodes are 40 and I already uploaded up to 32 (I guess). I hope someone will continue uploading the series for them.

~Officially bidding good bye to Youtube~

Thanks all for the comments (though I hate reading some rude comments. Some people really need to learn how to properly voice out their opinions)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Done with Presentations

Yehaaa...Done with both BIOTC 489 and 416 presentations..and Chinese test as well (though the essay part killed me). Forgot some characters..tulis pinyin, bleh?Hehe. i should have studied the previous tests better. need to look at the past, take it as a lifelong lesson. That's one of my principles. I've hold and will hold to it even in the future.

I should get started with BIOTC 489. Everyone took the test this evening, but I asked the instructor, Bea, to let me take it tomorrow since I had Chinese test today. Semangat stadi...datanglah..

Oh, by the way. My mom called me this morning to wake me up(yeee,jrg nye nak bangun dgn alarm snirik..kene org kejut jugak).she said that our house was also struck by flood! She woke up at 4 in the morning and found out that the water already came into the house. Nak wat apa lagik, terpaksa la alih karpet. Iwa jadik assistant sbb die cuti..ekekke. Oh, I miss those days when me, my brother and my elder sister when to 'hunt' for fish everytime flood struck our housing area. We had this big drain near our house in which the fish will swim to after they escaped from some small streams nearby.nak tangkap ikan puyu lagik!

OK...back to study modeeeeeee (walopon tak rela)