Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Mosquitoes" War

Well...I supposed to share about my weekend in KL, kan...this was what happened last week. I was going to KL with my sis. kononnye nak attend gathering Nubhan and Nubies club and also to meet some old friends that I knew on forum (twinkyyy...kikuu..waaa). Being so excited, we arrived at the bus station around 845 pm and the bus should arrive around 9 pm la kan...we found seats and chatted around with Mom's acquaintance (to be exact, he's my grandpa's nephew)..

From 9 pm...930 pm...still, the bus didn't come.Along then asked the clerk at the ticket counter and he said that all buses would be late that night since there was an accident at Bukit Tujuh.Apparently,it was a trailer crash that caused an extremely bad traffic around that area. The result was?Haa....bas tak sampai la. Even the morning bus(that should arrive around 6 pm) did even even disembark the passengers yet. Even worse? It's estimated the earliest time the bus would come was around 12 am.

So no point of waiting kan? Since we were all starving, we went to a nearby food stall to fill our stomach up. Then back to the station, there's still no sign of a bus coming..

Waiting a bus in the middle of night was surely a challenge. Nyamuk banyak seyhhh...We waited until 2 am before deciding to cancel the trip and go home since we won't be able to make it before the event..

And guess what's the first thing I did once I was home? Yeah..grab Shieldtox and sprayed around my room. Revenge la konon...

To all Nubies...sorry...takde rezki nak jumpe last gathering. To twinky and kiku..waaaaa..nak tgk Syurga Cinta...kene ar tunggu torrent cmnih..And forum, kirim salam akak Billabong mu tk dpt ku smpaikan kpd Nubhan....sob sob..


daju said...

kenala dtg KL bile daju dah balek..

Madiera said...

kisahnya....ngatkan ko selamat bergumbira kat gathering... takpe2...nanti ko buat gathering kecil2an ngan nubies...:)

twinkystar said...

HUHU..X PE YAYA..i paham...
but i missed the chance to meet u..tu yg i kesal..
tapi the nect time u balik malaysia,bila yer..tah2 lepas graduate..hehe..

u must come and meet me k??


Anonymous said...


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