Sunday, January 18, 2009

Euro Trip 08- Part 1: London

December 25, 2008

•The room that we rented out for that night was nice. A small hostel room with 6 beds (though we only reserved for 5). Plus, the receptionist was cute. Heheh. Love his accent. Finally, got to hear the British accent

•At first, we had problems to adapt to certain things-especially some terms. We used to call tandas as ‘Toilet’ back in Malaysia. But, it’s ‘Restroom’ in the U.S. We were jumping like small children when we saw the ‘Toilet’ sign in the Heathrow London Airport. Kanak-kanak kah kami?

•Buckingham Palace is not as huge as I imagine. This was merely my first impression. I thought the palace was bigger and the wall surrounding the castle was longer. The guards were the same, though. Sama yg aku slalu Nampak lam tv.Hehe.

•London was full of Malaysians. Everywhere. Even more masa kat Buckingham Palace. Could be students from outside London, and also from other Europe countries. Dari U.S. cam kitorang tak bape nk ramai kot. (Hint: Exclusivekah kami?Kekek)

•We were surprised with the number of CCTV around London. Just like Malaysians, CCTVs were everywhere. Maybe the vandalism rate was high, so they place the CCTVs to surveillance the area. Nih pon assumption jugak.

December 26, 2008

•There’s nothing scarier than riding the London subway..not because of the pick-pocket, but the metro door. Laju gle tutp. Siyes. I was almost hit by the door..almost jek

•Zawa, Peya and Ada ternoda!Hahah..suspen jek. I was waiting for them in a toilet when I saw a small girl was peeping into every other toilet rooms, including Zawa’s, Peya’s and Ada’s. Hehehe..sorry korang. Late warning. She’s so naughty and out of control. Her mom was helping her younger sister in one of the toilet rooms when this girl started running around. Me?Just had fun watching her.Haha

•It took us forever to reach the gate we supposed to board the flight in the London Luton Airport. You had no idea how long was the distance from the check-in counter to the gate. Siyes jauh.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


-20 degree celcius?Don't be surprised. Someone told me that it's gonna be -30 sometime around next week. Adeih..I thought Europe was cold enough. State College isn't any better. Thanks to my lovely, huggable bubble jacket. I'll treasure you well...wahahha..poyo nk mampos

well..1st week of class.Nothing much besides attending lectures..No homework nor assignment AT THE, still ronggeng time. I just love my Chinese class.Lots of familiar faces from my previous Chinese courses-Shazwan, Meghan, Chris, Alex and Blue. Alex, Chris and me (plus Nad) will be in the same group for the oral presentation. Well, I used to feel excited about it (dulu present lam English). Now it's all in Chinese..Waaa..Nayaaa. But I know Alex and Chris are good speakers. Should I say I'm lucky to have them?Hahaha..Baur2 tamak tk bleh blah

Got extra one day of rest this Monday because of MLK..So, I can spend my Sunday watching AJL. Haleem!Biena!Jadi tak kata nk tgk live.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nisa, Please Don't Scare Us to Death Again

Adeih..can you believe someone that did not even realize she had fractures in her finger bones for one month and still dare to travel around Europe for 2 weeks? Then, read my title to get the clue.

Nisa nisa..please tell us what should we do with you. She's been complaining that she felt her hand was aching, but she never thought that it could be that serious. Azreen told me about Nisa meeting a doctor about her hand and she figured out that she broke her fingers for one month!!!! And the best part was, she has been traveling with us for 2 weeks, pulling her 10 kg luggage all around Europe, and let alone boarding and getting off the buses, trains and flights. And gondola maybe. Adoiiiii....

Special Message to Nisa. Please take care of your hand. Jangan main kuat2 dah. I know sports are tangan lg penting okkkk....And don't forget your back..Set up and appointment with the doctor yerr..

I need to update about my Europe tgh kumpul bukti bergambar luh..ehehe