Tuesday, August 11, 2009


3 months had passed.In no time, I'll be leaving Malaysia and continuing my study in the States.

Mixed feelings-sad to leave home yet excited to finish my final year.

My aims for the last two semesters in Pennstate?-No idea. I just wish to enjoy every moment, savor every memory, leave my mark everywhere, and cherish every person around me

After graduate?Still no idea. I'm thinking of working, but at the same time keep an idea of continuing my master degree. Another 2 options-local or also in the states. Different procedure,distinct pros and cons


Baizura said...

yayayayaya buat la master kat us niii!!! huaaa nti leh ronggeng lagii

YaYa said...

ceh..tuh jek la motif ko nk soh aku smbung kt US..hahahha. nnt akaun utube aku kekal aktif sepanjang zaman kn..

Anonymous said...

Hi sis :)

Both happy and sad that you r leaving for states soon. Anyways, u've been great help to us all at you-tube. In fact, I think u've been fantastic!.. sis, wishing u the best things life may offer and may Allah always be with u!..

Love Noris