Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Done with Presentations

Yehaaa...Done with both BIOTC 489 and 416 presentations..and Chinese test as well (though the essay part killed me). Forgot some characters..tulis pinyin, bleh?Hehe. i should have studied the previous tests better. need to look at the past, take it as a lifelong lesson. That's one of my principles. I've hold and will hold to it even in the future.

I should get started with BIOTC 489. Everyone took the test this evening, but I asked the instructor, Bea, to let me take it tomorrow since I had Chinese test today. Semangat stadi...datanglah..

Oh, by the way. My mom called me this morning to wake me up(yeee,jrg nye nak bangun dgn alarm snirik..kene org kejut jugak).she said that our house was also struck by flood! She woke up at 4 in the morning and found out that the water already came into the house. Nak wat apa lagik, terpaksa la alih karpet. Iwa jadik assistant sbb die cuti..ekekke. Oh, I miss those days when me, my brother and my elder sister when to 'hunt' for fish everytime flood struck our housing area. We had this big drain near our house in which the fish will swim to after they escaped from some small streams nearby.nak tangkap ikan puyu lagik!

OK...back to study modeeeeeee (walopon tak rela)


daju said...

good luck exam yaya..

sure skrg tgh busy2 nk finals sume ekk..

teruk ke flood kt umah yaya? hopefully sume ok la..

YaYa said...

dajuu!how's work?tuh ar..sume dh bizi nk sjk2 senior pon kurang..eehhe...

banjir ok la..air tkde al naek tinggi still masok umah..tempias ujan dr beranda tingkat ats

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