Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Spring Break is Over!!-Part 3

Malaysian Night Preparation

People started busy preparing for Malaysian Night. We spent our last weekend doing bunga telur and bunga manggar. Boo was so creative that she initiated doing bunga telur with napkins. tipu. Cam carnation gituuu. Biena was helping Boo a lot with the idea…and bli2 barang jugaks. So, we got the people gather and did both bunga telur and bunga manggar together. Though it’s very tiring and it’s hard to gather people, we had so much fun doing it. Ade hiburan lagi-nyanyi, pesta pantun,etc. Thanks for those who come…really appreciate your commitment. Only two more weeks before Malaysian Night…Let’s make it our night (bak kata Nana)

Alhamdulillah, there’s a lot of things to be thankful of. The fact that I’m still alive and got to do many things during the break was something that I should feel grateful. At this moment, we still have our family and friends, we got to live in a nice apartment and got to wear nice clothes. I want to build up this habit of saying my words of gratitude towards Allah every time He gives me His blessing. It may sound simple, but many people forget about it….Let’s make it our habit ye ;)

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