Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Life

Boring tahap cipan nothing to do.laptop laptop eating laptop again sleeping sleeping eating again...our boredom reached the maximum level last we decided to watch movie at the cinema.ok...didn't really know the latest movies on, research punye reseacrh, i decided to watch The Strangers..alone.Yes,alone because all of them were going to watch Iron Man.Sigh.

Too bad that I was late for the 930 pm show.So, I joined Ada,Zawa,Mamat,Dele,Faiez and Jin to watch Iron Man.Iron Man pon Iron Man la..Expectedly, I was bored halfway.Boleh tido lagik during the climax scene.Adeih.Hopefuly I were not snoring.never asked them though.hehe.

Activity for today..Groceries Shopping.Yeah.We really have to shop.I mean Zawa and I were running out of food.We miss our Strawberry Awake.Amek ko.Sampai 4 kitorang rembat.Girls it's typical for guys to wait for us.Hehe.Sorry Zam,Dele and Faiez.They were so surprised to see how much food we bought.Why?Because we were not growing up though we ate lots of food.Adeih..terase.Haha.

Laundry..buang sampah..and then i realized that I did not buy the most important thing-tennis racket.Waa...My new summer resolution ni..Never mind.I would just borrow from the boys.

Me now?Back to bored state...Still fine.Only at the lowest level.But it's gradually climbing..~sigh again~.


Anonymous said...

yaya jangan lupe amik je food kt umah kitorg tau..ade aiskrim satu bucket, ikan lagi sepeket, ape lg tah..haaa barang2 nk buat cheesecake pn ade x smpat nk buat haritu..amik tauuuu

YaYa said...

aku dh amek pon eskrim tuh peya..tanpa segan silunyeee..hehehe