Saturday, May 3, 2008

Konsert AF6 Minggu 7 + Finding the Lost Spirit

Many people thought Alif might make it to the final..since he's always in Top 3.But Malaysians have proven that Alif is not their choice. Alif was eliminated in the 7th concert last night that was held in Istana Budaya. Week by week, people keep on predicting Toi..but he seems to have a very good luck. We are not sure how many people would perform in the final concert. However, Stacy, Nadia and Riz really deserve to be in the final.

Talking about final..I'm losing my spirit to study la..nih la..too much maen since Thursday night. Yesterday went out to play soccer with Ada, Daju, Tini, Zarif and Far. Later, Sim, Zam, Haleem and Zawa joined us. These past 2 weeks, got Thai lakorn fever. Hampagas tol. I better launch 'Finding Lost Spirit Mission' kan..

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