Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Proud of You, Pennstaters!!

OMG..i'm getting darker!!How come eh?There's no reason for me not getting darker, given my recent routine these past few weeks. I just came back from Illinois where we, Pennstaters competing for overal champion in Midwest Games 2008.Yeahhhhh!!We got back our champion after we lost it to Wisconsin last year.The feeling was indescribable, especially when the MC announced us as the overall winner. Siyes tak sangka. We thought that the trophy would go to Vanderbilt University since they got got a few golds in team sports.Dear Pennstaters!Our mission is accomplished. Job well done guys!

ok.back to the main topic.Why am I getting darker?Ye training under the bright summer sun(which Americans love the most!), marching during opening ceremony(jd mascot tau), cheering and rooting for Pennstate team on the fields. This was my very 1st Midwest Games,but I will never forget it. Best gle.Everybody loves me tau jd maskot(wah..statement.ehehe).Even though my soccer team only got the 4th place(in a league of 4 teams competing..eheehe),we really enjoyed our games.In fact, we hope to get a better place next year(dan2 aku azam nk training soccer every week starting this fall).

One thing for sure that I would never forget from South Illinois, Carbondale was the tornado.It just happened that on our very last night there, right before the closing ceremony, we heard a loud siren for a long period. Since we never had tornado in State college before, we were very clueless about that. Luckily we got one student from Tulsa who had already experienced tornado at her place. Kunod who was already in the auditorium gave me a call and told us to just stay in the room. OMG..that time we really felt like we were in a movie. Everyone moved to basement to find the safest place we could possibly get. It started to rain..windy.Mmg movie abeh la..

Alhamdulillah,nothing happened and we safely arrived at the auditoriun for the prize giving ceremony.So nervous la that night..ngan tornado bagai..announcement of overall champion lagik..

On Monday moring, we went back to Pennstate..can't wait for next year's Midwest Games...walaupunn kaki dah sakitt nih.Hehe.

University of Illinois, Urbana we come!!MIDWEST GAMES 2009.


Anonymous said...

OMG. sungguh drama that day. thanks to those yang membantu

Anonymous said...

insyallah, mingnian de midwest zai women de daxue!lai lai!
aku rs ko phm
n congratzzz guys mng overall champion!yeah!