Monday, May 19, 2008

Picture Day!!'s picture day,guys!Kunod will be leaving us and going back to Malaysia soon.So sad laa...gonna miss Kunod after this~
Since Kunod had not taken any pictures at Lion Shrine since her commencement, today we joined Kunod in our PICTURE DAY!!As usual, Bad as photographer harapan.eheh.Since Haleem and I plan to send our pic to Mr Manager, he also joined us and became Bad's assistant.We took lots of pics at lion shrine and Hintz Alumni.Isk..meroyan ok amek gambar bebanyak.
After dah meroyan tuh, time to isi perot!Kunod was so nice:).She paid for our shakes at Baby's.1st time gi Baby's.The sweet potato fries and vanilla shake were so good.Best ok..
Then,we went to kill some time at Family Clothesline and went straight home.Full sangat until I felt like sleeping and doing nothing..huhuh

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