Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm Done for This Semester!!

Settled with all finals?No..not yet laa...but i'm done with all my proctoring assignments.last monday i got two exams to usual CHEM 112 and replacing Biena for CHEM 452.It's not actually replacing..but more to switching.Angad was also taking CHEM 452.Hehehe..he's my TA for CHEM 203 lab for this semester..1st time feeling pangkat lg tinggi dr Angad..haha..nonsense.

Yeah...that was what I did for last monday..standing for almost 4 hours..yawning for about...erm..countless time...It's better in CHEM 452 because the instructor was soo sempoi..he let all of us sitting while proctoring..I even sat in the midst of the students who were taking their exams..who cared.Hehehe..

On Tuesday, I went to downtown to settle the Midwest t-shirts with Family Clothesline..nothing much.Just gave them the invoive and made a down payment.And again..meeting Angad.He forgot to pick up all the graded reports that I dropped off in this one room in South Frear...and guess what happened?This one guy (actually he's a professor) from BMB department emailed me telling that he found my graded assignments left in an empty room..Ya Allah..malunye.Luckily he's a very cool guy.He must have gone a lot of troubles googling for my email in PSU websearch kan?

Tomorrow's my 1st exam..which is BMB 252.Being a last exam was set on the last day of the final the very last minute of the day...wah..exagggerate.Merasa lah exam ari jumaat kol 440 ptg...adeih..

I posted some pictures from Spring BBQ last 2 weeks ago..It was fun..of course la with all the yummyyyyy food..I made the satay tauuuu..walaupun sbenarnye tolong Ada jek.Hehe..

Wish me luck!!


shaz1 said...

tomorrow br 1st exam? :0
well nwy gl, aku sok exam last whee~ wish me luck gk

YaYa said...

tak aci siot dowhh