Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Dramatic Day

Adios Kunod
We are going to miss you so much
Thanks for being our great senior and for taking care of us
I'll pray for your bright future.Insya-Allah

Kunod went back to Malaysia for good.Yes.Forever.We lost the only Biotech sad la.But we went through a very dramatic day tau to send off Kunod at the airport. It started when Faiez cannot start the engine of Mao's car. Ok.Chill.We still have Budin's car. Kunod took the car key from Zam...and she tried to start the engine...and she failed.What's wrong with all the eingines today ek?As if they did not want to let Kunod go.Wah..After a continous trials..and a few phone calls made to Dele, the car was finally mendengar.So stubborn la..aiyoh.
OK..move on..
then we went to pick up Faiez and Jin..da da da..sampai la airport.and the next chapter began...dan2 jek tkleh bukak bonet tuh nk amek cuak ok..Kunod had to check in by 145 pm and it was already 125 during that time.don;t know what's wrong with the car..we tried everything..every hand gave a try.who know one lucky hand could open the bonet(how to spell bonet eh?)..alhamdulillah, after struggling for almost 20 minutes...we managed to open it and take out Kunod's luggages..Kudos to those who were helping..esp Faiez, Jin and Mamat.Diorang dh smpai emo2 bagai.ehehe

The last scene was directed by Jin.Kunod was ready to check-in and go through the screening.but then she realized that her passport wasn;t with her.Dan2 kene cari and recall balek where was the last spot she put her passport.and guess what?Jin was hiding her passport all the time.So nakal la Jin nih.Kunod wasn;t mad she already knew her passport was with Jin.Hehehe

Went back..paid my house rent and the other 2 rooms(Sapeq's and Nisa's) da da da..the end of today's drama..


Anonymous said...

dramatic gler kepulangan Kunod~

YaYa said...

tuh ar psl...berdrama gile kitorg arituh.btw biena..dh smpai mesia ek.mak ko tk terkujat ke tgk ko?hehehe

Anonymous said...

OMG! sungguh drama! thanks to those yg membantu

Anonymous said...

pergh gile lahh dramaa! nasib baik selamat je kunod pulang eh.
wey yaya! betul la ckp ko org bising la tahap sunburn lol haih

YaYa said...

kan peyya kan....korang musti jetlag lagik nih..isk