Thursday, May 15, 2008

Monotonous Life

Summer oh summer..i have the same routine every single day tau..forumming,watching series,AF, soccer training, watching movies, hanging out with friends, forumming again (aku forum 2 syif..eheh..siang ngan malam)..

but today, i really enjoyed myself. we had a graduation dinner for our beloved seniors just now at Bravo Room, Johnston Commons. We have 5 graduating seniors this year-Kunod, Dele, Mamat, Megat and Am. Mamat's and Megat's families also joined our dinner..the special thing about tonight was..jeng jeng jeng..this was the 1st time i wore a dress.penat siot round satu Ross looking for a suitable dress. Not because there's no glam dress...size is the problem. It's hard to find something that fits my petite body..adoiiii...finally i bought this once creamy black dress..wah..merasa la pakai dress..

and we took pictures like tomorrow never comes...wahh..exaggerate.but seriously.we took pictures like if we were the graduating seniors..and of course la eating like crazy,too.Hehe..

Gonna miss Kunod,Dele, Mamat, Am and Megat so much.I can't imagine life without them here..especially when we first came to the U.S. They guided us in so many things.we shared too many sweet moments..I wish you all the best in your future undertakings..

especially to Kunod..don't miss me and my CDs,ek?Hehe..But i would surely miss you.See you in Malaysia.And don't forget to wait for us if you were to hold a wedding.Nak jadi flower girl...

Gonna post some pictures later..

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