Saturday, May 10, 2008

I'm Free..Yeah!

Yezza...finally Spring semester was officially over.being a loser, i had my final test on Friday...(kan dh ckp..loser gle).Result?Alhamdulillah..not bad la..still waiting for one more paper..

I got no specific plan for now.except for Midwest la..Plus, Zawa's friends have been inviting her to join their trip to Italy..(Italy siott).And Zawa asked me to go with her..and the chain begins..ngengeh..I asked Mak and Ju,too.Ju might not make it..she has class during the first summer session.I've been thinking about it as well.It just does not feel right when someone else makes the plan for your trip.Well..erm...let us see yer..

Today, I did nothing but hanging out with budak2 nih..Tini, Zharif and Wan would be staying in my house for a while before they go back to jealous..Nk balek jugak.Chill money and go back next year, ok?Let's pray that the fasting month would be in summer next year. I can't imagine breaking the fast at 9 pm..isk..nightmare..

Last night..time to ronggeng..Apai,Nisa,Peya,Zawa and I went to ColdStone..layan aiskrim.We had so much fun laughing and laughing and making stupid jokes.The workers there must felt like kicking us out.i bet you.hehe.Then, continue makan2 at Ada's house.Oh My God..laksa siott..playing DDR for the 1st time..loser ok!!always got either E or D..never mind.I won't never join America's best dance crew by the way.

Back from Ada's house..spending few minutes at The Diner to celebrate Sim's birthday. Happy Birthday, Sim. Then, straight balek. So scary ok walking at the downtown on weekend's night.Too many drunken people..isk..

Erm...thinking of my plan for tomorrow...

Last but not least...happy mother's day to my beloved mom, Gayah Mat Ail. I love you sooooooo much.Not to forget to all moms out there..

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