Thursday, May 1, 2008

International Spring Carnival

Finally..I can breath!!adeih..after a few hecticcc days, now I can rest a bit before the finals. So many quizzes, reports and tests were taking place this week..i barely able to update my assured.I'll update some of the events..better late than never,kan?

International Spring Carnival(ISC) was held 2 weeks ago.Every year, i was very excited for this event.Nape ek?Heheh..because they were so many booths from different countries..Of course, the ones that I was really interested in were Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.Why did not they have a booth from Korea?Isk..

Back to our booth..i was a volunteer during that day for Malaysian booth..together with Kunod, Apai, Khalil, Ron, Biena and Far. That day was so much fan. I was the 'bride' for that day..hahah.just for one day la.The theme for our booth was Malay wedding..and since we did not have any wedding attire from MSD, we just use Nisa's..a very 'liplap' baju kurung that I called 'baju tunang'.She could not wear it because she was one of the ISC's committees...well, who else was as small as her?Aku la tuh..(complement or dot dot dot?)

Lots of performances from other countries..and again, because of my 'liplap' baju, I represented Malaysia for fashion show. Huh...standing behind those big Arab guys really made me feel intimidated(intimidatedkah?hehehe).But it's good enaough to know 2 Japaneses that also participated in the show-Kevin and Mina. Mina was from Japan while Kevin was half-American and half-Japanese.(footnote:Kevin tuh muke boyish gle.Jadi plakon pon sng jek nk dpt kot).End of footnote.

We closed our booth around 8pm.We received quite a number of visitors during the event and they were all interested in Malaysia. Glad that we were able to promote Malaysia, even here.

I posted some pictures from the event-with Malaysians, volunteers and also Kevin.He's wearing yukata.Too bad Mina was not there during that time..she's cute, too :)

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