Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Spring Break is Over!!-Part 1

With Mak

Pennstaters yg mengharu-birukan majlis with friends from other universities

How did I spend my break then? Huhuh..lots of fun things-attending JM and ISR, meeting Mak and other friends, preparing for Malaysian Nights, dramas, movies and shopping (Spending money,fun ke??).

Jaulah Murabbi (JM) and Islamic Spring Retreat (ISR) RIT

I was soooo glad that I attended these programs. At first, I wanted to go there to meet best friend, Mak a.k.a. Hawa a.k.a. Mak Chibi. It turned out that I learnt a lottttt from the events. There were two speakers-Akhi Fazrul and another one(for got the name). We spent 2 nights in Mak’s house and I got to meet my long lost ‘siblings’-Chibi (who’s Chibi?Hehehe). You got to see the picture of Chibi. I’m unofficially called ‘Kakak Chibi’. I’ve been spending my INTEC days with Chibi.So kirer akak tiri la kan. Mak’s house was very nice and cozy. Thanks Mak for being a very good host. Windu ko. Taktau bile lagik boleh jumpe.

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