Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tada, Kimi Wo Aishiteru a.k.a Heavenly Forest

I have just finished watching "Tada, Kimi Wo Aishiteru" last night. It's a 2006 movie that i came across from 8thsin's wiki.

I merely wanted to watch it because of Tamaki Hiroshi(still can't get out of his 'cool' yet 'hillarious' performance in Nodame Cantabile). But guess what?I ended up crying at 3 in the morning.

8thsin recommended people to watch it, and even rate this movie as 10/10. I wonder why..and without much thought I started watching on

A very heart-warming drama.It would make you laugh and cry at the same time. I like the twist at the end, though it's sad. Just love the scenery and all the pictures taken in this movie. Especially in few last scene, when Makoto(Tamaki) was visiting Shizuru(Aoi Miyazaki)'s exhibition and he saw himself in most of the photos. It's just so sweet.

I would recommend people to watch it too. Being a fan of Tamaki or not isn't the real matter. Without I even realize, I just enjoy the flow of the story and even forget that Tamaki's in there.

Starring : Tamaki Hiroshi, Aoi Miyazaki
Year : 2006
credits for pictures


Anonymous said...

hi! just randomly visiting.. =) are u malaysian? well, it's just that, some of your comments are in malay, so i just, uh, am curious.. haha.. anyway, i was looking for tamaki hiroshi's photos when i happened to stumble into your blog, and since you have nice photos of him, and since i really HEART the movie tada, kimi wo aishiteru as well, i thought i'd drop a comment.. hihi..
i harboured a keen interest in tamaki since i first saw him in heavenly forest aka tada, kimi wo aishiteru, and i fell in love with him for reals when i watched nodame cantabile right after i watched his movie.. well, it wasn't coincidental really, since i found him really cute, i figured i would try to find other movies he's in, and eureka! i found nodame cantabile, which is first on my jdorama list right now! =D have u watched it? the drama i mean.. i'm sure you have, since you like tamaki too..
man, i'm writing a speech here.. =p sorry for suddenly barging in like this, and leaving a foot long comment in here. can't help it, i do that a lot.. hahaz! anyway, i really like your blog.. i hope we can be firends. i'm azimah by the way..

YaYa said...

hi azimah..i'm soooo sorry for the late reply. just realized that you've posted a comment.leave me your email so that i can contact you back and we'll have a 'good' talk about j-dorama.hehee

Anonymous said...

really cool movie ... i could barely stop crying .... loved this movie soo much :X:X so sad and nice

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