Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm least for today

Can't belive my's snowing again today.In fact, much heavier than the last two days. I feel like winter is coming. But, it is still farther'm feeling crazy

it's snowing the whole least until i finished my last class this afternoon, which is BMB 251(people might ask what's's Biochemistry and Molecular Biology). Right before BMB, I was having my 3rd Microbiology would i comment on it?Erm..pretty tough..tougher than the previous one. Well, I've done my best. Praying hard is the only thing that I could do now.

See...I'm free for today!!Hehehe..but not for the next 4 days..This weekend is going to be very hectic because there are 2 exams waiting for me next week. I haven't started studying them yet. Here I come Physics 251 and BMB 251!
I'm downloading Gift(Takuya Kimura) and Thank You(Jang Hyuk) now.People have been telling me how good Thank you is. But, I never intend to watch it because of the main actress. Though I like Jang Hyuk, I'm not so keen of this series because of his co-star(as expected..i can't recall her name). But last night, i've been spending my time(in between studying..hehhe) to watch the MVs from Thank You..and i decided to give it a, it's the same writter of I'm Sorry I Love You..(which makes me cry a bucket during last summer)

Got to go..see ya..btw, this is the poster of Thank You that I took from

credits : for the picture

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