Thursday, November 8, 2007

Anticipating "Bull's Fighting"

Yeahaa..another Mike He's drama. Mike is one of my first crushes on Taiwan actors...eheehe..glad to see him back(though I did not finish his Why Why LOve yet).

It's going to be aired on Nov 18..only few days left. This time, he is paired with a new co-star(after Ariel, Rainie and another girl in Let's Marry..cannot recall her name)..and the new girl is Hebe from S.H.E..I never really watch Hebe's performance as an actress before..though she's great as a singer. She starred in The Rose a long time ago ..unfortunately her role is not that big. She was also in Reaching For the Star with Ella and Selina(another 2 members of SHE)..but i had no chance to watch the drama.

And the third guy is Lee Wei..Ohasashiburi Lee Wei..quite a long time after watching him in My Lucky Star. I don't really know the storyline..except for Hebe is the daughter of a gangster.Sounds interesting ha. And what is more exciting is this drama is going to revolve around the basketball fighting between Mike and Lee Wei..huhuhuhu...*excited*

This is the official poster for the moment(I guess..)..Let's counting the days for Bull's Fighting and not to forget ..They Kiss Again!!Miss Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin so much..Plus, these 2 best friends (Mike He and Joe Cheng) might even fight for the rating...
ANd this is the 10-minute trailer for Bull Fighting. Seems like it was taken during the press conference.

credits : AsianYummycelebrities for the pic.

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