Thursday, November 8, 2007

Feel Like Sharing My Obsession

I seldom write in English..but since i am on my way to share my drama addicton with all of you, i should try writing in English. it's not that bad actually. But sometimes it's easier to express my thoughts in Malay.

My drama's getting worse and worse each day.Hehe. I'm not going to give an academic review on what i have watched, or am watching ,or plan to watch in the future. It's merely my own thoughts about the dramas or even the entertainment circle around Asia.My friends already know about my craziness(do i sound like a crazy person?). I love watching asian dramas, mainly from japan,taiwan and korea though i actually started with old TVB dramas. Wow.Sounds like i'm already old.Hehe.

Dear folks,Please enjoy your visit here. You may read what i am writing. But you may or may not let it influence you. I'm not doing the review all the time. I might talk about my latest crush on any artists or even singer. I might as well sharing about my latest Malay dramas. Again, I hope you would enjoy visiting my site.By the way, this is the first wallpaper I ever made in my life.Hehe. I was too immersed with Coffee Prince during that time.

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Nadiah Azli said...

Hahaaaa!!! Pnah addicted dgn coffe prince ker? Cerita ni sangat best kayh! I finished the whole first season in 2 days. which is one night before my biggest exam. haha.. tu ah, gila addictive. bahaya! bahaya!