Monday, March 29, 2010

What's Wrong with My 'Cik Mek Molek'?

Well, the thing was I was trying to make one of my all-time-favorite kuih-cik mek molek. For those who do not know this kuih(I bet you know it, you may not recognize the name), it's made of sweet potato (keledek), flour and when you shape it, you have to put a little sugar in it.So that when you fry it, the sugar will melt inside the oval-shape cik mek molek and'll deliciously feel it's melting inside your mouth.

Yes, I did call my mom just to make sure my steps were right. i've been watching her making cik mek molek over the years (shame on me for screwing up one of my mom's best kuih). So, i started boiling the hot water, and the potatoes were cooked well ( I deemed they were, eventhough they're a bit..lembikk). the point was after making sure the keledek was completely mashed, I keep on adding in flour because the mashed keledek just won't harden! I tried shaping it, but i guess there's no use doing it because it's really not my day. I felt bad for the keledek for being the victim of my 'nothing-to-be-proud cooking skills'. So ended up adding a bit milk (condensed and evaporated), finely and nicely spread them in a baking pan (bowl?container?)and baked them. I had little hope left that at least it wouldn't turn out to be a disaster. Well, fortunately it's not. I took a bite of it, zack and zawa, too. Haha. Poor them. My keledek diversion supernew invention was still quietly sitting in my fridge. Looks like I have to wait for my mom to come and teach me how to make cik mek molek again.

Bonus: My cik mek molek would look like this (IF everything turned out fine)

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