Sunday, October 19, 2008

Zawa is now 21!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZAWA!!! You are a big girl now..ngengehngeh..Wish you a year of happiness and may you find an American boyfriend. Baek tak wish aku utk ko? We had a surprise birthday party for her. The cake was bought a day before her birthday and kept in Tini's room. Such a happy moment for her and all of us. Though it's only a small party, we were glad that we could hold it for her. Love you, Zawa! Tengok, comel tak bear halloween yg aku bg?Hehe..I bought this on the way home from a Chinese group discussion that night.

Wish you all the best!!Kawan sampai mati, ok?Nnt kawen jgn wat2 lupe laks nk jemput kesah la ko kawen ngan sape pon.hehehehe

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