Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yaya Yang Pemalas

The title suits me well! I love to 'longgok' things - baju laundry, testi friendster, blog..Could that explain why I did not update my blog for almost 2 months..Hehehe..Yup. The equation would be:

Pemalas + Sibuk(Alasan) ----> Blog tak terupdate

Never mind. I'm back to my old blog now..oh blogspot..I miss you so much.Sorry Abe Yam. I decided to betray you.Muahaha (gelak setan).

Get ready for pics spam.I try to update everything since last summer..So, shorter posts but lots of pics. Enjoy and doakan penyakit suke berlonggok aku nih boleh diubati.

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