Friday, October 24, 2008

Ada now is also 21!!

Whoah...more and more of my friends become 21.tak aci tau!!!21 is like an 'umur keramat' here.Kire dh jd org besar la..Last week was my friend's birthday..Ada. Since most of the people went to Washington D.C. for Hari Raya celebration at the Embassy..we held 2 separate parties for Ada. and of course I attended both.Makan free lol...heheheh


Happy Birthday. May ALLAH bless you always. Any good news from you and Mamat, we must be the very first ones yg tau, tauuuuu. Moga bahgie hendaknye. and one more thing, kalo dah glemer masok janganlah plaks lupe kitorang.ehehehhehe

1st Part - Zack, Daju, Peyya and me (anak2 terbuang yang tak pegi D.C.

2nd Part-With people yang baru balek dr D.C.


ada said...

thank you yaya.. 3 kali celebrate birthday thun nih... hihi

daju said...

yaya your idea buat playlist on youtube bgos betul..heee...
tp xboleh shuffle..
haha..gedik kan..

YaYa said...

mmg pon daju...slack die tkleh shuffle jek..autoplay dh ade..isk

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