Thursday, October 16, 2008

Raya di Perantaun Version 3.0

Can't believe that this was already my 3rd time spending Raya overseas..only one more left before I go back to Malaysia. I've mentioned about the larger number of Malaysians in Penn State right now, kan?So, sebab tu la we did something called 'Open House Berperingkat'. We have 3 districts..wah..district maen2 negeri2 laks..East, South and West. The 1st batch that held the open house was my area-West area!'s not that well-planned.Suddenly we felt like doing the open house on Friday night (the 1st week of Syawal) because we could not find any other time. We are truly sorry for those who could not attend our open house because of the short notice.We'll make it up next time ye.

Ahh..forgot to mention. How did I celebrate my 1st day of Syawal?Waa....dalam Biochem Lab.'Playing' with those electrophoresis and plasmid things..sob sob sob.Hopefully, we'll be able to at least perform the Raya prayer at Pasquerilla Center next year.

Haa..lupe nak mention jugak.My face masok salam perantrauan.Hehhehe.Thanks to Mao yang sungguh2 antar awal Ramadhan lagiks. Walaupun ciput..tapi tatappp nampak.

Hope it's not too late to wish 'Selamat Hari Raya'..Pose tuh ganti..heheh

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alang said...

seronok tengok gambar2 kat penn state nih. Rindu nak datang balik Penn State!