Monday, June 9, 2008

BBQ day

originally, we planned to go for a 1-night camping on last saturday..since we were short of tents..our plan changed.BBQ pon jadik long as we can eat.tak gitu?, we were off to Bald Eagle Rec. Park around 3 pm camtuh.that was my 2nd time.i already went there during my freshman year.they got a very big lake and areas for swimming,BBQ,picninc,fishing,kayaking sume la..

zawa and I made nasi ayam that day..thanks to Ada foe her recipe..but kitorang nih degil.we use so much chicken stock until our rice was too lembik..uwaa..seb abek still sedap.wah..puji diri snirik nih

we had fun that day...eating, playing baseball,frisbee, kite,eating lagik...too bad that we were not able to rent a boat...too late la ms tuh...

My team won again in the frisbee games...tight ok game arituh..we were chasing each other's points..pancit siot maen game nih rupernye..after frisbee,eating again...

we left the park around 8 pm...tired but we had so much fun...erm..let us think of our plan next week plak ye..

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fuh..super duper pemalas wei...abe yam sudah upgrade blog dah..skang sudah pakai hosting sendiri pon sudah makin cun..