Saturday, June 21, 2008

1st Week of Class

Hard to ronggeng time was more overdose ronggeng until dawn..forumming..watching series.sigh.OK..i'm back to class....reluctantly kah?hehehe

My 1st day...full of spirit ok..yela..chinese class..i've been dreaming to take chinese course since last br dpt class was at 8am...until 1230 pm..intensive ok.i used to stay up until dawn kan during my ronggeng,dgn rs tanggungjawabnye,i cut down my ronggeng time..slept around 1 worked out quite well..i managed to wake up early..solat sume..then, bermulalah tragedi ngeri..this was on monday..on the very 1st day of my class..after subuh prayer..konon nk lelap japs..that time around 6 lebeh kot..lelap nye lelap, my nap was disturbed by a phone call..saying.."Weh yaya.Ko kat ner nih?Cepat la weih..dekat 830 dah nih"WHAT?????DEKAT 830???biar betik.i looked at my cellphone..OMG.819 am....siyes...i was late on my 1st day to class..luckily, the teacher hadn't started teaching yet..she was explaining about the syllabus yada yada yada..until she talked about attendance..dan2 je die ckp sape lewat mmg akn rugi bnyk..tertinggal kuiz sume...sambil pndang ke arah aku..huhu..what should i do then?Act as if I was innocent la...Dengan gaya menulis dgn tekun..padahal mende apa nk tulis nye pon..hehehe

That was my 1st other days were was a fun class..small class of 14 ppl..most of them are Indian..2 Malaysians..though the workloads are quite heavy and the pinyin was very's still an enjoyable class.After all, i really do like Chinese.

Anyway..I got back my ronggeng time yesterday..yerla..wiken.Went to Tussey Mountain with Zawa,Ada,Wani,Mamat,Shazwan and woo..Playing go-kart and baseball.Those were some of the photos that we took yesterday...

OK..get back to royan.layan Gokusen 3 ep 7..and practise more chinese characters..smangat kah? bleh la..bnyk sgt..

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