Saturday, April 12, 2008

Faisal akhirya tersingkir (Konsert AF6 Minggu 4)

Briefly said...Faisal was eliminated. Details on performances coming soon once I watched the performances on Youtube. I just listened to ERA this morning before attending the Midwest games meeting(still got time for this, impressed kan?)

Ok..back to the concert.erm..the 4th concert should i say..lemau.Means boring, plain, nothing special, no outstanding performance. In fact, lotsss of bad ones. Seriously, I won't watch every performance on Youtube(I'm biased, ok!hehe).There are few reasons that would make me have no interest at all in watching those students' clips :

1. I have read the reviews in Cari Forum and 100% of the forummers agreed that the performance was bad or hancor.
2. I have listened to it at ERA..and I felt it was very bad. I mean, vocally and performance wise. So, no need to waste my time watching the video, right?
3. Not so interested about that particular student. So, even though he's doing OK(not outstanding, but better than others), I'm still not convinced to watch him/her.

Am I biased?It's inevitable when you have choices. you can opt to watch or not to watch it.

The best performer of the night might go to Nadia. She's doing good, vocally. But, she still has to improve on 'air lagu'. no wonder Ramli MS said she had problems with 'patah lagu'. Sometimes, she sounded like she's singing an RnB song, Still, she's one of the best among the worst performances.

I admired Nubhan's voice. I thought he's doing great at the first half of the song until he suddenly went offkey(Was it after he gave a flying kiss to Ogy and 'maen2 cinta' with her?Hehehe.I wish to see more potential in him..hopefully.

Forummers 'wholeheartedly' aka 'sebulat suara' agreed that Stanly was the worst. i said.I did not watch some of the vids, and Stanly was one of them. But, I feel like watching it now.Just to see how far he had spoiled the beautiful 'Kasih Tercipta'. Yeah..I really should watch it. I'm off now!

can't wait to know the the new song list for this week. It's Monday already! And I don't feel like reviewing everyone(sambil tengok buku stats ats meja yg kononnye ade quiz esok..isk)


mao said...

mantap tol pasukan sorak msia ni!siap ade snack2 ringan beserta air teh 'bersalah'..haha..thanks!

mao said...

...beserta nescafe dan cawan2 ('bersalah'). Donut dan sandwich. korang memang best. siap bawak bendera lg!