Saturday, January 17, 2009


-20 degree celcius?Don't be surprised. Someone told me that it's gonna be -30 sometime around next week. Adeih..I thought Europe was cold enough. State College isn't any better. Thanks to my lovely, huggable bubble jacket. I'll treasure you well...wahahha..poyo nk mampos

well..1st week of class.Nothing much besides attending lectures..No homework nor assignment AT THE, still ronggeng time. I just love my Chinese class.Lots of familiar faces from my previous Chinese courses-Shazwan, Meghan, Chris, Alex and Blue. Alex, Chris and me (plus Nad) will be in the same group for the oral presentation. Well, I used to feel excited about it (dulu present lam English). Now it's all in Chinese..Waaa..Nayaaa. But I know Alex and Chris are good speakers. Should I say I'm lucky to have them?Hahaha..Baur2 tamak tk bleh blah

Got extra one day of rest this Monday because of MLK..So, I can spend my Sunday watching AJL. Haleem!Biena!Jadi tak kata nk tgk live.

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The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Babe,how are you? London is nice for shopping and hell no,you are not exclusive okay!!(Defending the Brits here).Hahahhaha..

Take care!