Saturday, January 10, 2009

Nisa, Please Don't Scare Us to Death Again

Adeih..can you believe someone that did not even realize she had fractures in her finger bones for one month and still dare to travel around Europe for 2 weeks? Then, read my title to get the clue.

Nisa nisa..please tell us what should we do with you. She's been complaining that she felt her hand was aching, but she never thought that it could be that serious. Azreen told me about Nisa meeting a doctor about her hand and she figured out that she broke her fingers for one month!!!! And the best part was, she has been traveling with us for 2 weeks, pulling her 10 kg luggage all around Europe, and let alone boarding and getting off the buses, trains and flights. And gondola maybe. Adoiiiii....

Special Message to Nisa. Please take care of your hand. Jangan main kuat2 dah. I know sports are tangan lg penting okkkk....And don't forget your back..Set up and appointment with the doctor yerr..

I need to update about my Europe tgh kumpul bukti bergambar luh..ehehe


nysa said...

xtau nk comment ap..

daju said...

siap ade pic..
yeayy..yaya is back..
bile project kite nk start??
daju need nysa n peyya nye pics..
(ce..mcm la daju dh start..haha)