Friday, December 31, 2010

"Isteri cakap apa lepas menang?"

1. Kak Maziah went back to Melaka
2. Watched 'Secret Garden' until 2 in the morning

(Almost) missed my Subuh prayer

Ughh..I'm not setting any good example here, right?

Btw, I alwaysss went back to sleep after performing my Subuh prayer. But today I just got an instinct that maybe a few Malaysian footballers who just lifted up the AFF Suzuki Cup will appear on MHI or something (Ashari mungkin??hehehhe), so i decided not to enter my dreamland.

And they did appear!!! Safiq Rahim was on MHI, Safee Sali + Aidil ke Zaquan ek on SPM and last but not least Apex on Nasi Lemak Kopi O. But, there's no Ashari ~sigh~

Safiq wa ssooo shy on television..well, of course I do not know his usual self, but he never look up straight to the camera that the cameraman had to focus from the side. Just wanna share one Safiq's 'hahaha+awww' moment:

Fedtri (MHI): Isteri cakap apa lepas menang?
Safiq: Ha?Diri saya?
Fedtri: Tak..isteri cakap apa lepas menang?
Safiq: Ehhh...saya mana kawen lagi

LOL. It's sooo obvious that it's 'Dah kawen ke'-question-turn-into-'Isteri cakap apa lepas menang?'kannn. Now the whole Malaysia knows Safiq is still available, thanks to Fedtri. But, single is not necessarily available ye.


syaiCHOLOGIST-to-be said...

ahaha :P alaa tak dapat tengok safiq kat MHI :( ada video dia taak? :((

YaYa said...

aiseh..takder la plak videonyer.taktau la kalau ada sesape record. if there's any, nnt aku share ye