Tuesday, January 4, 2011

When your joy was killed

You know what happen when you suddenly did something you've never done before? Like when they tell you to update your Adobe software all the time but you never care to do so and finally on one sunnnyyy day, you just feel like clicking on the 'Update' button, and taddaa..a message appears that figuratively reads 'I wish I never click that button'.

I just got all over excited sharing my joy in downloading using IDM merely couple days ago and suddenly last night, I felt like clicking the 'Update' button when a box popped up saying 'You've been using fake serial number for this product. Please register your product'. You know when you happily using pirated software and one day, you just went blindly submissive that a one instant click killed your joy. My brother (who's responsible for installing that pirated IDM) sent me this right after I told him about this problem:

Abe Yam: HAha..padan muko..kena reinstall version lama balik la..gune free download manager la dulu

That 'HAha'is obviously not some kind of consolation, right?

Wondering what's the hidden message?

Never ever trust your reflex act? Not really. Most of the times, you'll need that.
Never ever download pirated software?Nope. Will keep doing that.
Don't be overjoyed by a simple fact like 'Wow! I can use my fast internet office to download Secret Garden' and on top of that, brag about it to your friend? Truly YES.

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